Wednesday Addams

Character: Wednesday Addams

Series: Addams Family

Worn :Photoshoot (2017- Amsterdam)


Update About Travel Posts

When I opened a section about travels I was super excited and tried my best to write about my travels as much as possible. I still love travelling but I lost my enthusiasm about writing long posts in English.

I’m still (rarely) post about my travels in this FB page; Destan İyi Gezdin, sadly, they’re only in Turkish.

I might want to write travel posts again one day. Until then, bye

Oosaki Nana

Character: Oosaki Nana

Series: NANA

Worn :Photoshoot (2016)

GFA (2017)

Makoto Kino

Character: Makoto Kino

Series: Sailor Moon

Worn :Photoshoot (2017)



Series: Berserk


: Photoshoot 2017


Character: Raven

Series: DC Universe

Worn : Photoshoot (2017)

Jon Snow

Character: Female Jon Snow

Series: Game of Thrones

Worn :GFA (2017)

Jean Pierre Polnareff

Character: Jean Pierre Polnareff

Series: JJBA: Stardust Crusaders

Worn :Comikon (2017)


Character: Ram

Series: Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Worn :Yucon (2017)



Series: Legend of Zelda

Worn :Yucon