DIY: Felt Brooch


This my very first do it yourself post and I’ll try to explain as much as I can this post’s subject: Felt brooches.

Felt is a from of textile, comes in different different thickness and colours and easy to use. I’ve used felt before for costumes, etc but I’ve learned how to make brooches from my mother -shout out to talented mamas! –

So, first of all you need to know what you’re going to do (character, flowers etc) My mom usually goes with traditional patterns but made these beautiful geeky brooches as well. So, decide what you are going to make, draw it on paper (make couple of copies). Try to choose a minimalist design, it will make everything easy and make your character or pattern more recognizable. You can put couple of layers on each other so it’s better to draw and cut each shape from paper.

Go and get yourself felt supply. felt is quite cheap actually, you can buy more and more colours for detailed and accurate look.

Decide how you are going to put your pieces together. You can sew it, or glue them together. You have to sew it by hand to make it look better. It takes A LOT of time but looks a lot better.

Rest is easy. Put the pattern on felt, draw the shape on felt. Cut it. Glue or sew pieces together. Glue safety pin behind. TA – DAAH!

Couple of examples

finn ahri

Finn the Human and Ahri brooches.


Not a brooch, Phone case this time. BMO!

I’ve used couple of them at work, for video series Baron Nashor’s Workshop (Beware! Derp Photos :< )

brooch1 brooch2 brooch3 brooch4 brooch5


Teemo, Poro, Ziggs bomb, Pool Party Lee Sin and Ahri brooches.

Felt is a great material and good for accessories :3 Hope it helps

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