Winged Sneakers

I don’t usually write review posts but these shoes made me so happy and that I had to share it with you.

When the very first Jeremy scott/Adidas winged shoes came out, I went crazy because they were so pretty! *.* But I couldn’t even find one in my city and forgot about it in years.

When I was looking for Melissa/Vivienne winged shoes I remembered about them and saw the new versions. To be honest I really liked the new ones as well, but they’re teribbly expensive (we’re talking about $1500 here ) :< But you know, there is always a Chinese knock-off  (YAY CHINA!)


Original link does not work anymore but I’ve found them at Aliexpress, just searching for “winged shoe” they were $20.99 , including shipping.

First of all they’re really cheap. Considering a normal sneaker costs about $100, it was worth taking the risk.

And they’re actually really comfy. Most of the cheap shoes hurt your feet a lot but these guys were amazing, wore them couple of times, full day and it was cool.

They look good. They’re not same with original Jeremy Scott winged shoes, they’re completely white (or whatever colour you want) instead, and it looks better if you ask me.

There’s only one thing bad about them. Since they’re completely white they get dirty in no time. I’m assuming it’s pretty easy to clean them but still, you can’t wear them when it’s raining outside etc. but I guess if you have black ones, you won’t have that problem.

Overall, they’re pretty cheap and great shoes and I recommend them. They also look amazing with everything Here, couple of examples from my OOTD’s:

IMG_20150926_190823 IMG_20150815_185838 IMG_20150910_105047

Hope it helps! See ya all <3

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