Dyeing Hair Part I : Bleaching

Hello everyone. I’m going to go through with my hair adventure in this post series. I’m not saying that “this is the only way to to it” I’m not even saying that this is the best way to do it, it’s only my adventure, I’ve learned a lot, I hope it helps you as well.

When I’ve decided that I wanted lighter hair, my hair was dark brown. it’s the original color and I haven’t dyed it in a year that time. I also had a brazilian blowout with keratin threapy 7 months before that, so my hair was healty as hell. If your hair has gone through tons of stuff like bleaching, dying it tons of times or if you’re using flat irons all the time your hair might be in bad condition so I suggest you not to bleach it.

To give you some idea, my hair during 2014 (also, derp)

And ofcourse, normally you should leave it to the professionals, but if you’re broke as hell or don’t trust them like me, let’s get started.

So, you may ask, why blonde?? There are couple of reasons for that. First of all, I’ve used most of the other hair colours and most of them didn’t even suit me at all. Examples;

And I’ve always wanted to try blonde. I believe that every woman should try blonde once in their lifetime. And I felt like it was my time.

Since bleaching is a risky procedure and I didn’t want to end up with burnt skin or unhealty hair, I wanted to go lighter slowly.<


My set is ready

This was my set ! Two bleachers (one from koleston, one from palette) one platinum blonde and one light ash blonde hair dye.

First step, lighter ends!



It’s pretty much like ombre but I don’t suggest you to make your own ombre if you are alone since you’l probably mess up at the back of your hair. But if you’re planning to “just 1-2 tones lighter at ends” like me, go for it.

First of all, brush your hair and split it to 3-4 (or even more if you have too much hair) pieces, it will be easier to take care of it.

Take your bleacher and mix ingredients. If you add oil and just a little bit conditioner you might get our ot this procedure with less damage. When your mix is ready, put it over your hair ends with a brush and make sure that every hair piece gets it.  After that I usually cover these pieces with small plastic bags so it wont stain anything. You might use %70 of your mix, just leave some of it. After it waits 15-20 minutes on your hair, get rid of the bags, put the rest of the mix on your hair, only go higher this time (couple of cms, 1 inch maybe) let it wait for another 10-15 minutes and wash it. Make sure you use conditioner etc, and rinse it carefully. Your hair might look like this:



oh the terrible golden blonde

Lighter at the roots! Yay. But it looks terrible since bleaching process goes like black > brown> red > orange > blonde… and we’ll get to the “getting rid of brasiness” part later. Now it’s time to bleach/dye rest of the hair.

Since my hair colour is really really dark I didn’t want to use blonde hair dye directly and bleach the rest of it, just a few tones. Mixed my bleacher with tons of conditioner and damage was almost zero.


split split split!


Just a little bit lighter. Ends are too brassy to go out but that shouldn’t stop you!

Now it’s time to dye it! I wanted a dark ash blonde, but since my hair is still dark, I’ve used light as bonde and platinum hair dye ( platinum also has bleacher and bleacher up to two tones) mixed them and used. You can again put some conditioner but not too much. I’ve waited couple of days after bleaching to reduce the damage.


Waited long years before this girly pose

In the direct sunlight, it looks like copper but looked perfect in dark. I’ve started to use purple shampoo at this point, but I’ll tell you about more in the next part.



Doing girly stuff <3

After using this hair for some time, I’ve decided to go even lighter. As always, I’ve used regular bleacher with little bit conditioner (it was brassy as hell) when my darker roots showed up, I’ve used platinum dye, which got rid of brasiness little bit. My roots were ofcourse darker but looked better than original dark brown one.

IMG_20150829_193237 IMG_20150924_115125 IMG_20150919_171453

When I was trying to tone it,  I’ve accidentally dyed it to blue. Bleaching it again got rid of the colour again!
It will burn your skin, it will itch at best scenerio. It will damage your hair. But then again, it’s your only choice to have light hair.

Hair toning, pastel hair dying (mermaid hair etc) will be the next post’s topic.

Kirin’s out!


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