Dyeing Hair Part II: Toning and Pastel hair dying

This is the part two of hair dyeing series. I should inform you, again. You might damage your hair when you are bleaching or dyeing. Most people decide to leave their hair to the experienced hands of “professional” hair stylists. But if you insist to do it yourself – like I do – these might help.

Disclaimer notice: I’m not saying or implying that these are the best ways to do, this is just my hair story and I found these tips helpful.


First phase is deciding the colour. Before you decide you have to know that life is unfair about hair colour. While Evan peters can pull any hair colour and look amazing,  I look horrible in almost every hair colour. I learned that hard way. And I really don’t want you to experience that.

Your skin colour, face shape, eyebrows, hair style and natural state (if it’s frizzy, calm, curly, straight etc) hair length, make up choices etc.. You should consider everything before you decide your new hair colour. Some hair colours require heavy make up, some of them look better with long hair and it goes on like that. List your stuff, eliminate some hair colour choices.Trying on wigs to see how that colour looks on you is a no-no because wigs don’t have the same texture with your hair and it could end up as a disaster.

Some of the hair colours (pastel ones, light ones) can be fixed and changed easily. Do your homework and don’t rush to dye it.


If you’ve bleached your hair before you’ve realised that it ends up with a terrible, raw yellow or a disgusting orange. If you want to have light blonde, white, silver or light pastel hair, you should tone your hair before you dye it. When you tone, you can get rid of brasiness. Those ugly yellow/orange tones will try to come back with every wash, but there are ways to stop them!


(got this chart from pinterest)

To get rid of the unwanted tones in your hair, you should apply the reverse one. To get rid of the  yellow, you should tone it with violet. If you don’t want orange tones, you should apply blue, and it goes on like this. That’s the main principle of hair toning. In practice , it’s a little bit risky.

To tone hair, I mix (white) hair conditioner, hair shampoo and desired hair dye, apply it on my hair and rinse it after a short while. If you put too much hair dye, it might stain your hair. If you don’t use enough, you might not be able to get rid of brasiness, but it’s still better than rinse it and seeing that you have lilac/light blue hair.


Tried to tone my lighter hair ends, ended up with purple


Tried to tone it with blue. Only roots and ends cooperated


Perfectly toned and had silver <3


I couldn’t get rid of the brasiness at ends :(


Perfectly toned blonde hair

As I’ve said before, those nasty yellows and orange tones will try to come back to your hair. To stop them and get rid of them continuously, you can use purple/blue/silver shampoo. You can find these products at cosmetic stores but they’re highly expensive. If you want to make it at home,  get a bottle, put lots and lots of shampoo, some conditioner and just a little bit of hair dye. After shaking, your mix should have light colour (if purple it should be lilac, if blue, it should be sky blue etc) when you wash your hair, use the purple/blue shampoo. You shouldn’t use it everytime you wash your hair, once a week or once in 10 days would be good enough to say no to the unwanted colours.


If you want to have pastel hair, steps you will follow are pretty much alike with toning. Only, you put more hair dye to your mix, wait longer etc. You can have mermaid hair, fading to dark/fading to light/fading to some other colour and many other styles.

If you want to have  light, pastel hair, you should bleach your hair as much as possible. It’s not possible to have light pastel hair on light browns or dark blondes. Some colours (like gray) require platinum blonde or level 10-12 bleached hair :(

Just like toning add conditioner, just a little bit of shampoo (sometimes I don’t use it) and some hair dye, mix it carefully and apply to your hair.

Conditioner is love, conditioner is life <3 more means lighter, less means darker colour. Conditioner is your torchlight at a dark valley. Or maybe bleacher is, it’s hard to be sure..


pastel purple <3



If you want to give a fading to dark/fading to light effect, or switch between colours, you can apply colour in different times and have a fading area to have a better effect and hide mistakes.

For example, to have taro purple to dark purple mix, first I’ve made my mix, purple dye, just a little bit of pink dye, some conditioner. Applied it to the ends. Washed, drie. Then I’ve made the taro purple mix with less purple and more pink, lots of conditioner and little bit of shampoo and applied to all of my hair.

Some colours are more dominant and vibrant (like purple and blue), when you are mixing colours you should consider that, and mix/shake very very well before you apply.

Always rinse very well and use products to help your hair get back to the previous healthy state.

If you want to have more information, or questions, feel free to reach me via my facebook page.

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