Quick Guide to Berlin

Hallo everyone!

This is a quick guide to Berlin, we’ve visited Berlin at late October, after our Paris trip with leda. We were extremely tired and we didn’t have much time. So it was a short trip and definitely does not cover all of the places you need to see at Berlin. We didn’t visit concentration camps, Berlin Museum Island and other museums (I’m still crying over Gemäldegalerie!! )

Quick notes;

  • We’ve arrived to the Tegel airport at morning. Tegel is relatively close to the city center. There are different ways to reach the city center, we used a cab and it wasn’t that expensive.
  • Also, we’ve stayed at Monbijou hotel at Mitte. It is usually quite expensive for a low-budget trip but Leda found  a great deal at booking.com. Hotel is definitely recommended, it’s pretty close to the Alexanderplatz and museum island, both location and service was quite nice.
  • Even though the public transportation seemed good we’ve spent 1 hour looking for trains, another 2 looking for busses and get a cab and onether 1 walking to our destination at a cold German Night. Since every sing and explanation is in Deutsch you might have hard time using public transportation or finding a cab. “not be able to find a cab” thing another day as well, so taxi is no-no.
  • Berlin is a weird place. At sunday, we’ve found a mall,  it was open but the stores, toilets and ATMs were closed inside. BUT WHY??
  • You should definitely visit flea markets, they’re quite popular in Germany and you can find unique, vintage and cheap stuff. leda bought a camera which was made in 1925 o__o (and it works)DSC01122
    Most of the comments about Monbijou Hotel were like “rooms were too small” etc, I don’t think so. And yes, we’re not tidy at all!

Berlin Parliament Building (Reichstag Building)

This building is right next to the Tiergarten,builded in 1800s, it has a beautiful glass dome but we didn’t visit.

TierGarten, and Memorial to the Sinti and Roma Victims of National Socialism

Tiergarten is a hugeass park at city center and it would be great choice to chill . Berlin Zoo is inside this park as well. Victory Column stands in center.  Walking through whole thing requires lots of time, we hanged out at near, next to Parliament Building and Brandenburg Gate. Relatively new Memorial is located next to these places, it’s small but it has impact.

Polaroid CUBE



The Brandenburg Gate

This triumphal Arc was build in 1700’s and used to be the city gate. Today, it’s considered as a symbol of European unity and peace.

East-Side Gallery
East side gallery is a memorial for freedom. It’s actually remains of the Berlin Wall, now covered in beautiful artworks and some of them are ruined by graffitis. Gallery contains more than 100 paintings by different artists and located at Kreuzberg.

We were planning to visit it at daylight but it was so close to the Mercedes-Benz Arena where the WORLDS finals were hels, so we had a chance to see after the event. Sadly, we haven’t seen all of it.

DSC01101 DSC01105

DSC01110 DSC01119

Check Point Charlie
This is one of the best known Berlin Wall crossing -points during cold war. Today, you can see the replicas of the famous signs, have photos and buy a replica passport and get it stamped. I felt like it was a tourist-trap but it was nice to see it.
DSC01125 DSC01131 DSC01126

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

This memorial was built just 10 years ago. I heard that artist wanted it to be confusing and uneasy and it definitely feels that way. It’s next to the Tiergarten and Brandenburg.

Polaroid CUBE

Polaroid CUBE



This site is amazing for shopping! THEY EVEN HAD PRIMARK! <3 Famous TV Tower is located here as well. Our hotel was pretty close to Alexanderplatz and it was nice to hang around.
DSC01076 DSC01079

E-Sports Events!
Our main reason to visit Berlin was WORLDS 2015 finals. It was an amazing event. EU LCS matches are held at Berlin as well, if you are into e-sports Berlin is a good choice.
DSC01082 DSC01092 

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More Sights from Berlin



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Polaroid CUBE

Polaroid CUBE

Polaroid CUBE

Polaroid CUBE

That’s all from Berlin. there are tons of others things to do  we couldn’t think of when we were there, so I might have to visit again 😀

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