Cookie’s second month!



Our beloved doge, Cookiebabe has just ended her second month with us! YAAAY!


To be honest, it wasn’t really easy.  I was pretty sure that we were going to be a part of those people who got a dog, couldn’t take take of it and had to let to. I was super anxious while Tirrivirri was super relaxed about the whole thing. In time I got relaxed and realised we can actually handled this. Cookie got used to us as well.

IMG_20151129_154718 IMG_20151115_213107

So everything is perfect now. I sometimes even forget that we have a dog, then Cookie wakes up and asks for attention.

IMG_20151127_100740 IMG_20151123_223926

Don’t get me wrong. Even though it’s good, it doesn’t mean it’s easy. Having a dog requires tons and tons of work, whole new life style with tons of planning and obviously poop collecting.





We’ve been through ear infections, “not liking food” situations, finding liquid and solid surprises at home, forgetting food around, fights, bites, barks, cries, long walks, baths, misbehaving, new dog friends, new places etc. It has ups and downs but it eventually feels like it’s worth it when you see your dog sleeping happily.



Because La Cucaracha H. Monster (a.k.a. Cookie) is the most stupid thing alive and we love her <3  U●ᴥ●U

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