Another year is almost over ! To be honest, it was quite good year. So many things changed in my life, and many things made me happy even tho they stayed just the way they are. These were the major things of 2015 for me.

Coming back to cosplay


Last year , I’ve only made three costumes and haven’t visited many events. I felt like going back, like thousand times but I couldn’t do it back in 2014. But I was back in the game in 2015, made more than 20 costumes for different reasons/occasions/events etc. I’m trying to make at least one big costume every year, and my big costume was Zelda this year, It was challenging for many reasons, and I’ve already started working on next year’s big one <3

Mid Year Resolutions


I don’t know why people keep believing  in new year resolutions even though they don’t actually work to make them come true. Well, I wouldn’t do it too, just because the year is changing.. But I do believe in resolutions, at least now.

In mid-summer 2015 I felt like some things had to change in my life.And they did change after all.. I made myself a princess room, changed my hair, rewamped my wardrobe, started wearing make-up daily etc. In the end I felt a lot better <3

New Hair Colours


I used to dye my hair a lot back in days but I forgot how fun it is. many people ask me why I don’t go to the hair saloons, it’s mainly because hair dying is my zen time. But it’s hard to explain, instead I just say I’m broke.

I believe every woman  should be blonde once in their lifetime.  I was like “why not now??” it was a slow progress since I didn’t want to damage my hair much but in the end I had lovely blonde hair. I also had a chance to try new hair colours like purple, taro purple and pink, which I’ve never tried before.

New countries


I’ve started visiting places abroad last year with trips to Seoul and London. This year I got into the “what the hell, I’ll visit as a tourist” mood.

Had a chance to visit Italy with Tırrıvırrı in April. It was an amazing trip over all, since I’ve realised that I actually admire art very,very much.

Went to Northern Cyrpus for summer holiday and end up with amazing cosplay photos – Thanks to Emaic- and it was quite relaxing.

In late October, early November we’ve visited Paris and Berlin with Leda, it was a busy trip, we’ve visited so many places in both cities and had chance to see WORLDS 2015 finals.

I’ll be visiting Oslo, Norway in couple of days and greet the new yeart there!  So, as the end of 2015, my country count will be 7!

Got a dog



This might be the most amazing thing ever happened this year. Not gonna lie, sometimes it’s really really hard. But most of the time, we know that we have the best companion <3 AAARRRGGGHHHH COOKIE!


Started streaming


I had it in my mind for a long time but my internet connection didn’t let me do it :(


As the years passed I’ve realised that I’m becoming more and more introvert and shy. When someone says hi at a convention, I’m trying my best to keep up with conversation, but I get anxious and I heard that people think that I’m arrogant because of this. :(  Even tho “what others think doesn’t matter” is a thing, I don’t want people to prejudice and hate me for something this stupid.. So, I’ve decided that I’ll do my best to more social.

I get even more anxious with technology. Writing is totally fine, but even skyping with camera kills me. So, I’ve challenged myself and started streaming. Hope it will help me with these issues in time.

Got a smart phone


I’ve resisted so long, but it was futile. I had  my very first real smart phone at April and it got stolen in October. Dammit, they don’t last long!

There are many other things happened this year, but these are the ones I could remember. I hope you had an amazing year as well <3

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