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For the new year’s eve, We’ve decided to visit North this time! Our destination was Oslo, capital of Norway! It was a 3,5 days trip so I don’t think we’ve covered everything in the City, but we still visited TONS of places.


Quick notes;

  • Oslo is cold. Like, really cold. If you’re from South, like me, even the 6-7 layers of clothing will not be enough to warm you. It’s not a instant cold, like “when you get out of the building and it hits your face” cold (I’m OK with that kind) more like, “you walk half an hour outside and you don’t feel your toes anymore” cold. And it takes time to warm up.


  • It’s REALLY expensive.  We bought our tickets really cheap and we didn’t know that Oslo was one of the most expensive cities in Europe (and most possibly in the World) It was my first time bringing food and drinks with me to holiday. 10 NOK (Norwegian Kron) is roughly equal to 3-4 Turkish Liras and 1 Euro. Some things have reasonable prices, but good food costs a lot :<


  • Holiday season might not be the best date to see Oslo, streets were isolated, most shops and  restaurants were closed at new years eve. Museums were closed as well. We had to visit so many museums in one day :(


  • Osloo Pass helps a lot. Public transportation and museum entry fees cost a lot when you buy separately. In 2015, 1 hour transportation ticket was 30 NOK (3 Euro), 24 hours ticket was 90 NOK. Most museum entry fees were between 50-100 NOK. We bought Oslo Pass for 24 hours (which covers all public transportation in Zone 1-2 of Oslo and many museums. also car parking, discounts at restaurants etc.) for 320 NOK and visited 6 museums, used tram, metro and bus many times. It can be hard to find Oslo Pass though,  and they’ve sold us 2015’s pass at the first day of 2016 and QR code didn’t work. Museums accepted us anyway.


  • In winter there isn’t enough daylight (when we visited sunrise was about 09:30 and sunset was at 3:30) so it might be better to visit at summer when they have extremely long days, also it’s wouldn’t be that cold, yay!


Here we go!

We arrived Oslo Airport afternoon. There are three options to the city centre, bus and  Flytoget (high speed) trains (costs around 175-180 NOK) and regular trains (90 NOK), We took regular train it it was quite comfy. It took us some time to find our hotel, then we went out to see the city. City center is actually quite small and once you see eveything it’s easy to find your direction. Karl Johan Gate is the main street of Oslo with tons of stores and restaurants, it’s a must-visit. (Also Outland is there, but we’ll get there..) Also Aker Brygge is amazing, even though most of the shops were closed when we were visiting, it was quite a sight.




Since museums were closed, we’ve decided to see public places at day 2 and 3 , started with Oslo City Hall and Nobel Peace center by the harbor. We didn’t enter the buildings. Following the sea side, we went to Akershus fortress.



23 22 21


After fortress, we’ve walked to the Opera building, I was little bit scared to go up because of ice but it was amazing!

27 2625

Then we went back to Karl Johan Gate, Seen the Oslo Cathedral. It was quite different from the churches I’ve seen before and I really loved the paintings at ceiling.

33 32 31 30

Following the street, we’ve seen parliament building, it’s just across the Royal palace.  After taking couple of photos we’ve walked to the Royal palace,  passing by the National theathre.

35 34 36

After warming up in our hotel room for a bit, we went out to grab a bite and tried Cathedral Cafe.  They were extremely busy and we had to wait about 1 hour and a half until our food arrived. I still feel weird and bad because I ate reindeer but it tasted pretty good, with berry sauce and gravy.

50 39

It was new year’s eve and we went out and walked to the Oslo City hall at night to see fireworks. It was the biggest crowd we’ve seen in Oslo. We didn’t actually had a countdown to the new year but it was amazing to see the fireworks, some of them were fired very close. We’ve watched them for 20 minutes but heard the sound of them for another couple of hours until we went to sleep.

51 38

This day, we went to Frogner Park/ Vigeland Park. We didn’t want to walk much but we kinda failed and ended up in Vestre Gravlund, biggest graveyard in Norway. Turkish cemeteries are depressing, but this one was well planned and actually looked peaceful, some place you want to be buried…

41 40

Walking through the graveyard, we reached to the Vigelandpark area, where Monolith and many other sculptures of Vigeland are located.

44 43 42

There is also a small lake, followed by the river and a waterfall! It’s really peaceful an great place to spend an afternoon.

Near the frozen lake, we even had a photoshoot!!



Since the museums were open on this day and it was our last one , we’ve made a huge list of museums, eliminated couple of them and decided to visit 7 of them. At the door of the Natural History museum, we decided to skip it and ended the day with 6 museums, good food and OUTLAND! (aw yeaaaahh)

1. Fram Museum

Fram museum tells the story of Norwegian polar exploration and Fram, huge ship they used is inside of the museum and you can see inside of it! There were tools they used at their journeys. You can take the bus 30 to the museum.

5 4 3 2 1

2.Vikingship Museum

There were 2 ships in good condition, some ofther ship pieces and many stuff from that time. To be honest, we expected more and little bit dissapointed but it was great to see these ships, especcially Oseberg. Again, you can take the bus 30 to this museum

7 6 8 9

3. Munch Museum


When we visited, Munch+Vigeland exhibition was displayed and we had a chance to see the beautiful art of both of these great artists, side by side. They lived in the same era and obviously inspired by each other. Since we couldn’t visit the Vigeland museum, this exhibition gave us some insight about Vigeland and his way of thinking. There was even a Thinker statue! Also, we got to see Munch Museum copy of Madonna and lithograph of Scream.

10 11 54

4. Film Museum

This little  museum is located at city center and  tells the story of cinema and Norwegian cinema, and it’s free!


5. National Gallery

I was looking forward to this one!  They had the copy of Scream I wanted to see, and Madonna from Munch. And many beautiful artworks from famous painters, such as Renoir, Monet, Manet, Cézanne, Delacroix, Degas and even Picasso!

60 58  56


6.Astrup Fearnley Museum

I don’t get modern art. I REALLY DON’T.  It was weird, creepy, unnecessary for me , but I liked a few of the “artwork”s, they were bizarre. There were a few “artworks” made from animal bodies, I’m not sharing those, you can see them at museum’s website.


64 15


63 62 6114



I’m going to be honest with you, I’m not a nerd store expert. But I’ve seen couple of game shops, figure stores, comic book stores, went to so many different conventions. I’ve been to Forbidden Planet, Orc’s Nest and Hamley’s in London, but Outland in Oslo is a complete different experience. Outland is a HUGE nerd store with all kinds of stuff. Even though they were expensive, THEY WERE AMAZING!!



More Sights from Oslo

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