Quick Guide to London

It’s a very quick guide to London, because I didn’t want to make a huge post about it. So, here goes London! Summary; Our trip happened in late October and we’ve spent almost a week at London. I was qualifier for Eurocosplay, we attended MCM London Expo, then spent rest of the week with touristic activities. Must sees:

  • Convention (British people definitely know how to make it.  London MCM Expo is one of the biggest ones in Europe, definitely recommended)
  • Parks (Full of squirrels and birds! Go with some dried fruits and nuts and you can feed them with your own hands, they are friendly)
  • Quick tour of squares and palaces (You might not visit inside but you should see these from outside. I recommend Trafalgar square, Buckingham Palace, Victoria memorial, Big Ben, Palace of Westminster, London Eye etc.)
  • King’s Cross and WB Harry Potter Tour (I couldn’t visit the tour but I definitely recommend King’s Cross, you might have to wait a little bit to take a photo with 9 3/4 but it’s worth it)
  • Baker Street (Won’t even go into details.  You can easily  reach via tube)
  • Geek shops and book stores (If you don’t visit you will regret. Forbidden Planet is a must-visit place, So does Hamleys and Orcs Nest. There are other geek shops as well where you can find tons of comics, manga, figures and toys)
  • Shoppingseeing? (Everything is expensive, but that shouldn’t stop you from seeing shopping places. Oxford street and Soho are a must-visit, and if you want to shop badly, go and visit portobello, where you can buy second hand clothes and shoes cheaper.)
  • China Town (It’s near Soho and I loved it!)
  • Museums (I unfortunately realised I actually liked renaissance art, long after my visit but I still liked the museums I’ve seen.  Science Museum, Natural History Museum, British Museum, V&A museum and ofcourse, National Gallery)

Not- So-Good:

Food (It was heartbreakingly bad and  expensive. we ended up digging sandwiches since I didn’t want to eat Turkish food)

Cabs (Taxi? Where?? You can’t find a cab when you need, you actually have to call it.  And it’s terribly expensive. So, if you are lost at London when it’s late, you are doomed)


As far as I know, there are six big airports around the city, but Gatwick and Heathrow are most used ones I guess. City airport was recommended a lot but we had to use Luton (tickets were cheaper, hoorrraaay!) Duty free is extremely small,  but travelling to city wasn’t that hard, there are shuttles to the important parts of the inner city. FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY: IT’S CONVENTION TIME!! We went straight to the Royal Victoria Doc Area where we’ll be staying , just near the ExCeL London. Convention is one hell of an experience. It has more than 100k visitors, it’s easy to travel. Con area is huge with tons of booths. Friday and Saturday were pretty stressful because of Eurocosplay.


But after that we went crazy, Just like that;

DSC_1137 DSC_1141

Hello River Thames! Last day of conventions was blast, we had our signs, taken tons of people and bought goodies!!

DSC_1211 DSC_1216 DSC_1217

Morpheus talking to Morpheus.. An amazing Princess Mononoke cosplay crew.. Singing Batman and Robin? Yis! After the con we went to Stoke Newington, where we’ll be staying (thanks to airbnb <3) it was hard to find the place with our huge luggages, somehow made it. So finally we’ve started our touristic activities at Monday!



Excuse me when I’m enjoying my ice tea before the big day!


Buckingham Palace <3


Respecting Victoria Monument? NO!

After that we headed to the Trafalgar Square via St. James Park

DSC_1249 DSC_1250 DSC_1264

Squirrels, SQUIRRELS, BIRDS! Feeding them was great, you should bring snacks with you when you visit parks. DSC_1260

View is amazing!!


Oh, the time jokes!


This is where they said “I Will” and  “I Kate” , lel.

DSC_1312   London Eye? Dun care.


Merry go round? That’s more like it!

DSC_1355 DSC_1356

We ended our touristic visit with Trafalgar Square and National Gallery. We couldn’t stay at the Gallery for long since it was closing, later I’ve cried a lot because I couldn’t see The Virgin of the Rocks and Sunflowers. Square was amazing though, LIONS!! And unexplained huge blue cock ??!   Later we went to Oxford street at night, too bad that I don’t have any photos :(


I simply don’t remember when and where but we visited tons of museums. Then it’s time for Photo dump!

DSC_1428 DSC_1425 DSC_1421   DSC_1419 DSC_1399 DSC_1376

Science Museum, Natural History Museum, British Museum and  V&A museum . I might have forgotten some of them I guess. I got pretty angry when I saw the statues they have brought from Pantheon and put them under a sign saying they won’t be giving them back to Italy and left British museum :( DSC_1431

And finally, visited King’s Cross! It was pretty late so no one was around, I could play as much as I wanted. It’s at the middle of the train station. I heard that it was at the 9th platform before but because of the crowds they’ve changed it’s place. We’ve decided to take our train to the Stoke Newington from King’s Cross, after taking couple of photos, we bought our train tickets and went to 9th platform, couldn’t find our train, rushed to the 10th, couldn’t find it again. After going back and forward many times we’ve found it and took it at the last second. The moment I realised that we’ve run between 9th and 10th platforms and couldn’t find our platform was priceless! After all these years I still get excited about Harry potter <3



At tuesday we hanged around at Portobello Road. You can find very stylish second hand clothes for reasonable prices. They’re not super cheap but If you can buy Vivienne shoes for 40 pounds, that’s something! Also, bubble tea <3 After that I went straight to the Baker Street. BECAUSE I HAD TO!!


I feel like solving cases today my dear Watson!


And ofcourse, the fake 221b. Original building is part of a bank (or something like that) but they opened a museum at one of the neighbouring buildings. I didn’t visit the museum but heard it was nice. Then I went back to Oxford Street, in search of Vivienne Westwood shop.

20141030_164045 20141030_164122

AAAANNNDDD FOUND IT! I’m a big fan of her work ever since I’ve seen NANA in 2009, and I’ve always wanted to visit a store and buy some stuff. World’s End wasn’t open back then but I got to visit a store near Oxford. And it was amazing.


And of course I’ve tried heart jacket. It didn’t look that good on me. Even if it did, I don’t think I could buy it anyway. T__T too expensive.. I went crazy for rocking horse ballerinas and armor rings as well, but ended up buying a necklace <3 It’s so simple, yet pretty that I’m still scared of wearing it

. 20141030_173246

Also found this! WOOOT WOOOOOTTT


Then I went to Camden, World’s End (Not the shop, the pub this time) They’ve had it decorated since Halloween was soon and it was simply great!


First of all, I gotta admit that it didn’t reach my expectations. It was my first halloween abroad and I was expecting more I guess. Still, It was great to see all kinds of people hanging around with costumes!We hanged  around it Stoke Newington, Then went to Oxford Street. Then we ended up in Camden again! I had to make myself a costume during the day (since I didn’t want to wear same things I wore to the convention last week) I somehow gathered a young, Hogwarts student like Bellatrix. Got my wand from Hamleys <3

20141031_201225 DSC_1521DSC_1523 DSC_1522DSC_1517

It was like that. There are tons of places I wanted to visit so I’m going back someday, definitely. Ending this loooong post with the most stupid photo in existence, me trying to eat a mushroom-meat burger (yummm)



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