Shopping Hunt – Socking Madness!

Hola everyone.

I don’t usually review stuff, But this post(s) Have a nice story. Basically, it’s almost impossible to find cute/nice tights/pantyhose/socks in Turkey : there are only one or two big companies and their designs are.. well. kinda bad. When I decided to change my whole wardrobe ( literally and figuratively ) I realised that I don’t have enough leggings. After couple of trips to the malls, I had to admit that I won’t be able to find what I wanted in my country.

When I reviewed items, I didn’t care about how fast the shipping is, because when it’s late, it’s usually the local postage firm’s fault instead of seller and so.. Here we go!

” New Lady Women’s Girls Two Tone Thigh High Over The Knee Socks Pantyhose” by eBay seller “greatgreatgoods

Price: $2.21 including shipping fee



These were incredibly tight and actually hurts my legs when I wear them. Other than that, they’re really long, and they will look good if you are looking for that kind of look.

Hot 120D+30D Sexy Sheer Black Tights Over The Knee Medias Stockings Pantyhose by eBay seller “pengbon

Price: $3.00  including shipping fee



These looks great on legs, you might want to sew the ribbons again because they fall of pretty quickly. Other than that I can suggest it.



Hot Fashion Women Stretch Velvet Tights Socks Gradient Pantyhose Rose Red” by eBay seller “superstarsupplier

Price: $6.59 including shipping, auction


These are my absolute favourites! They’re a little bit pricey. It doesn’t fade from black to pink, it’s much more of a line but looks great with pink/black combinations. Also, they’re quite thick!


New Sexy Cute Women’s Bowknot Cross Bones Thigh Highs Stockings Bowknot Top UU1” by eBay seller “uoften-au

Price: $3.79 including shipping, auction



They’re not exactly my style but looks cute with short skirts!


Beauty printing tattoo ultra-thin transparent nude pantyhose filar socks” by eBay seller “4356125

Price: $1.76  including shipping, auction


This fairy actually looks like a faint tattoo on your leg! It’s ultra thin  and looks pretty good with skirts an shorts, etc.


Womens Girls Sexy Cotton High Socks Thigh High Hosiery Stockings Over The Knee” by eBay seller “ymvon

Price: $2.73  including shipping


these were so thick and tight that it actually shapes up your leg if you have couple of extra pounds! I’ve ordered a similar one after Cookie destroyed this one, and that one way quite thin.So, it might be risky. But I loved the pattern anyway!


a6   a2

Womens Fine Hot Skeleton Tattoo Socks Pantyhose Stockings Tights Hot SellingB84U” by eBay seller “phoenix1900

Price: $2.21 including shipping

1 (1)

UGHH! These were terrible. They’re small in size, short and extremely thin, bone prints sticks and it’s hard to wear and not comfy at all :(


2015 new hot Milk Galaxy Print leggings fitness leggins for women pants Muscle Skull wholesale New fashion” by Aliexpress seller ” suping fan’s store

Price: $4.50 including shipping


Comfy! colours are little bit off but it was a good choice for autumn days.


Summer Style Women Leggings Fitness 2015 New Arrival Sexy Adventure Time BMO Printed Leggings High Waist Slim Pants Plus Size” by Aliexpress seller “Cheap Fancy Shop

Price: $3.42 including shipping



Amazing :3 Colours and design were just right, looks pretty good on your legs ! amazing choice for long t-shirts ~


Resuli 1PC Women Jointed Doll BJD Pantyhose stockings Lolita Cosplay Joint Free Shipping&Wholesales” by Aliexpress seller “Resuli Store

Price: $3.74 including shipping


Wanna look like a ball jointed doll? Because that’s how you look like a ball jointed doll! Both print and material is amazing~


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