Jewelry Review!

To be perfectly honest it’s hard to call these jewelry, they’re mostly accesories, in their own original ways ~ None of them were expensive but they look super cool imho.

Best B*tches Forever


It’s obviously for my best b*tch Tirrivirri ~ She has one half and I have the other. I hate BFF jewelry but this seemed sincere to me.

Time Turner

Hermione’s time turner necklce is used for cosplay most of the time but I think I can wear it casually too. Not, it’s not licensed, it’s another Chinese knock-off but it actually turns good and looks quite nice!



It would be sad i I didn’t have any Zelda accessories :( This one is quite heavy tho :/


Fake septum

Tirrivirri hated these but I think they’re cool in a unique way.

I used to have piercings but I’m not brave enough to make my septum pierced, so I use fake one, lol.

IMG_20160308_171240 IMG_20160313_134846


Heart Choker

Regular chokers (esp.  spiky ones) look too goth usually. so I’m super happy since these fellas got popular! Mine has a heart in front of it, and I’m planning to buy more ~

IMG_20160523_084909 IMG_20160528_082631

This is all I got for this time, more will follow soon!!

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