Wardrobe Nightmare inspired by Lou Clark


This casual photoshoot series and outfits were inspired by the Louisa Clark from Me Before You, mostly from the book. Clothes are my own, except for the red dress I’ve sewn and bumblebee tights I’ve bought after I read the book.


” I pulled the vacuum cleaner from the hall cupboard and ran it up and down the corridor and into the two bedrooms, thinking all the while that if my parents could see me they would have insisted on taking a commemorative photograph”


“Spring arrived overnight as if winter, like some unwanted guest, had abruptly shrugged its way into its coat and vanished, without saying goodbye. Everything became greener, the roads bathed in watery sunshine, the air suddenly balmy”


“I cut his hair in the living room. I lit the fire, we put on a film – an American thriller – and I placed a towel around his shoulders”


“the snow came so suddenly that I left home under a blue sky and not half an hour later I was headed past a castle that looked like a cake decoration, surrounded by a layer of thick white icing”



“… and then, when he finally slept again, I lay down a foot away from him and, long time later, I slept too.”

“I dusted some shelves that didn’t really need dusting, and contemplated cleaning some windows. “


“this book – which was actually suprisingly readable was all about a kind of battle for survival. It claimed that women didn’t pick men because they loved them at all. It said that the female of the species would always for for the strongest male, in order to give her offspring the best chance. She couldn’t help herself. It was just the way nature was.”


“but in my experience there’s not much that can’t be fixed by a decent cup of tea…”



” a vintage dress in dark red satin. it was made for a more frugal generation and i always had to say a secret prayer that the zip would make it up past my waist, but it gave me the outline of a 1950s scarlet, and it was a “result” dress, one of the outfts you couldn’t help but feel good in.”

Bonus; Amazing drawing by Ersen, with side by side comparison and stages. His artworks are seriously amazing, I’ve been following and admiring his works for almost ten years now and it feels truly amazing to have an artwork made for me!


Photoshoot: The Fall

Shopping Hunt – Socking Madness!

Hola everyone.

I don’t usually review stuff, But this post(s) Have a nice story. Basically, it’s almost impossible to find cute/nice tights/pantyhose/socks in Turkey : there are only one or two big companies and their designs are.. well. kinda bad. When I decided to change my whole wardrobe ( literally and figuratively ) I realised that I don’t have enough leggings. After couple of trips to the malls, I had to admit that I won’t be able to find what I wanted in my country.

When I reviewed items, I didn’t care about how fast the shipping is, because when it’s late, it’s usually the local postage firm’s fault instead of seller and so.. Here we go!

” New Lady Women’s Girls Two Tone Thigh High Over The Knee Socks Pantyhose” by eBay seller “greatgreatgoods

Price: $2.21 including shipping fee



These were incredibly tight and actually hurts my legs when I wear them. Other than that, they’re really long, and they will look good if you are looking for that kind of look.

Hot 120D+30D Sexy Sheer Black Tights Over The Knee Medias Stockings Pantyhose by eBay seller “pengbon

Price: $3.00  including shipping fee



These looks great on legs, you might want to sew the ribbons again because they fall of pretty quickly. Other than that I can suggest it.



Hot Fashion Women Stretch Velvet Tights Socks Gradient Pantyhose Rose Red” by eBay seller “superstarsupplier

Price: $6.59 including shipping, auction


These are my absolute favourites! They’re a little bit pricey. It doesn’t fade from black to pink, it’s much more of a line but looks great with pink/black combinations. Also, they’re quite thick!


New Sexy Cute Women’s Bowknot Cross Bones Thigh Highs Stockings Bowknot Top UU1” by eBay seller “uoften-au

Price: $3.79 including shipping, auction



They’re not exactly my style but looks cute with short skirts!


Beauty printing tattoo ultra-thin transparent nude pantyhose filar socks” by eBay seller “4356125

Price: $1.76  including shipping, auction


This fairy actually looks like a faint tattoo on your leg! It’s ultra thin  and looks pretty good with skirts an shorts, etc.


Womens Girls Sexy Cotton High Socks Thigh High Hosiery Stockings Over The Knee” by eBay seller “ymvon

Price: $2.73  including shipping


these were so thick and tight that it actually shapes up your leg if you have couple of extra pounds! I’ve ordered a similar one after Cookie destroyed this one, and that one way quite thin.So, it might be risky. But I loved the pattern anyway!


a6   a2

Womens Fine Hot Skeleton Tattoo Socks Pantyhose Stockings Tights Hot SellingB84U” by eBay seller “phoenix1900

Price: $2.21 including shipping

1 (1)

UGHH! These were terrible. They’re small in size, short and extremely thin, bone prints sticks and it’s hard to wear and not comfy at all :(


2015 new hot Milk Galaxy Print leggings fitness leggins for women pants Muscle Skull wholesale New fashion” by Aliexpress seller ” suping fan’s store

Price: $4.50 including shipping


Comfy! colours are little bit off but it was a good choice for autumn days.


Summer Style Women Leggings Fitness 2015 New Arrival Sexy Adventure Time BMO Printed Leggings High Waist Slim Pants Plus Size” by Aliexpress seller “Cheap Fancy Shop

Price: $3.42 including shipping



Amazing :3 Colours and design were just right, looks pretty good on your legs ! amazing choice for long t-shirts ~


Resuli 1PC Women Jointed Doll BJD Pantyhose stockings Lolita Cosplay Joint Free Shipping&Wholesales” by Aliexpress seller “Resuli Store

Price: $3.74 including shipping


Wanna look like a ball jointed doll? Because that’s how you look like a ball jointed doll! Both print and material is amazing~


Makeup Package Review

Last month, Mai-chan took tons of orders for make-up stuff and accessories and they finally arrived!  These are not the brands I’m familiar with, I’m trying most of these for the first time.

They are less-expensive brands, and definitely not high quality, but I loved them anyway!


This package included powder brush, false eyelashes, lip scrub, cross necklace and a small gift!


I used to apply powder with a regular makeup puff before, This might be better for blending etc.





Klean Color Angelic Wink #015 and #502




I’m in love with these upper lashes ! They look bold but not so extreme. I’m really happy because I’ve ordered 4 pairs!

I couldn’t apply the under-lases but I’m sure I’ll love them as well ~



My lips are always covered with dead skin,  in winter, it’s dead because of cold, in summer I’m dehydrated and my lips go crazy :( I forget to moisturize it, a lot and it actually helps *.* I’ve chosen dark cherry one, it removes dead skin without pain, smells pretty nice and moisturizes my lips. YAY!



I’m not Christian but I wanted a cross necklace for a long time, I finally has one! Sadly, I couldn’t find the link for it :( It’s actually two necklaces in one, I’m planning to part it in two and have two necklaces, yay :3

That’s all for now. Tons of thanks to Mai-chan for ordering these goodies :3 I’m planning to write more reviews, any suggestions?




Another year is almost over ! To be honest, it was quite good year. So many things changed in my life, and many things made me happy even tho they stayed just the way they are. These were the major things of 2015 for me.

Coming back to cosplay


Last year , I’ve only made three costumes and haven’t visited many events. I felt like going back, like thousand times but I couldn’t do it back in 2014. But I was back in the game in 2015, made more than 20 costumes for different reasons/occasions/events etc. I’m trying to make at least one big costume every year, and my big costume was Zelda this year, It was challenging for many reasons, and I’ve already started working on next year’s big one <3

Mid Year Resolutions


I don’t know why people keep believing  in new year resolutions even though they don’t actually work to make them come true. Well, I wouldn’t do it too, just because the year is changing.. But I do believe in resolutions, at least now.

In mid-summer 2015 I felt like some things had to change in my life.And they did change after all.. I made myself a princess room, changed my hair, rewamped my wardrobe, started wearing make-up daily etc. In the end I felt a lot better <3

New Hair Colours


I used to dye my hair a lot back in days but I forgot how fun it is. many people ask me why I don’t go to the hair saloons, it’s mainly because hair dying is my zen time. But it’s hard to explain, instead I just say I’m broke.

I believe every woman  should be blonde once in their lifetime.  I was like “why not now??” it was a slow progress since I didn’t want to damage my hair much but in the end I had lovely blonde hair. I also had a chance to try new hair colours like purple, taro purple and pink, which I’ve never tried before.

New countries


I’ve started visiting places abroad last year with trips to Seoul and London. This year I got into the “what the hell, I’ll visit as a tourist” mood.

Had a chance to visit Italy with Tırrıvırrı in April. It was an amazing trip over all, since I’ve realised that I actually admire art very,very much.

Went to Northern Cyrpus for summer holiday and end up with amazing cosplay photos – Thanks to Emaic- and it was quite relaxing.

In late October, early November we’ve visited Paris and Berlin with Leda, it was a busy trip, we’ve visited so many places in both cities and had chance to see WORLDS 2015 finals.

I’ll be visiting Oslo, Norway in couple of days and greet the new yeart there!  So, as the end of 2015, my country count will be 7!

Got a dog



This might be the most amazing thing ever happened this year. Not gonna lie, sometimes it’s really really hard. But most of the time, we know that we have the best companion <3 AAARRRGGGHHHH COOKIE!


Started streaming


I had it in my mind for a long time but my internet connection didn’t let me do it :(


As the years passed I’ve realised that I’m becoming more and more introvert and shy. When someone says hi at a convention, I’m trying my best to keep up with conversation, but I get anxious and I heard that people think that I’m arrogant because of this. :(  Even tho “what others think doesn’t matter” is a thing, I don’t want people to prejudice and hate me for something this stupid.. So, I’ve decided that I’ll do my best to more social.

I get even more anxious with technology. Writing is totally fine, but even skyping with camera kills me. So, I’ve challenged myself and started streaming. Hope it will help me with these issues in time.

Got a smart phone


I’ve resisted so long, but it was futile. I had  my very first real smart phone at April and it got stolen in October. Dammit, they don’t last long!

There are many other things happened this year, but these are the ones I could remember. I hope you had an amazing year as well <3

Dyeing Hair Part II: Toning and Pastel hair dying

This is the part two of hair dyeing series. I should inform you, again. You might damage your hair when you are bleaching or dyeing. Most people decide to leave their hair to the experienced hands of “professional” hair stylists. But if you insist to do it yourself – like I do – these might help.

Disclaimer notice: I’m not saying or implying that these are the best ways to do, this is just my hair story and I found these tips helpful.


First phase is deciding the colour. Before you decide you have to know that life is unfair about hair colour. While Evan peters can pull any hair colour and look amazing,  I look horrible in almost every hair colour. I learned that hard way. And I really don’t want you to experience that.

Your skin colour, face shape, eyebrows, hair style and natural state (if it’s frizzy, calm, curly, straight etc) hair length, make up choices etc.. You should consider everything before you decide your new hair colour. Some hair colours require heavy make up, some of them look better with long hair and it goes on like that. List your stuff, eliminate some hair colour choices.Trying on wigs to see how that colour looks on you is a no-no because wigs don’t have the same texture with your hair and it could end up as a disaster.

Some of the hair colours (pastel ones, light ones) can be fixed and changed easily. Do your homework and don’t rush to dye it.


If you’ve bleached your hair before you’ve realised that it ends up with a terrible, raw yellow or a disgusting orange. If you want to have light blonde, white, silver or light pastel hair, you should tone your hair before you dye it. When you tone, you can get rid of brasiness. Those ugly yellow/orange tones will try to come back with every wash, but there are ways to stop them!


(got this chart from pinterest)

To get rid of the unwanted tones in your hair, you should apply the reverse one. To get rid of the  yellow, you should tone it with violet. If you don’t want orange tones, you should apply blue, and it goes on like this. That’s the main principle of hair toning. In practice , it’s a little bit risky.

To tone hair, I mix (white) hair conditioner, hair shampoo and desired hair dye, apply it on my hair and rinse it after a short while. If you put too much hair dye, it might stain your hair. If you don’t use enough, you might not be able to get rid of brasiness, but it’s still better than rinse it and seeing that you have lilac/light blue hair.


Tried to tone my lighter hair ends, ended up with purple


Tried to tone it with blue. Only roots and ends cooperated


Perfectly toned and had silver <3


I couldn’t get rid of the brasiness at ends :(


Perfectly toned blonde hair

As I’ve said before, those nasty yellows and orange tones will try to come back to your hair. To stop them and get rid of them continuously, you can use purple/blue/silver shampoo. You can find these products at cosmetic stores but they’re highly expensive. If you want to make it at home,  get a bottle, put lots and lots of shampoo, some conditioner and just a little bit of hair dye. After shaking, your mix should have light colour (if purple it should be lilac, if blue, it should be sky blue etc) when you wash your hair, use the purple/blue shampoo. You shouldn’t use it everytime you wash your hair, once a week or once in 10 days would be good enough to say no to the unwanted colours.


If you want to have pastel hair, steps you will follow are pretty much alike with toning. Only, you put more hair dye to your mix, wait longer etc. You can have mermaid hair, fading to dark/fading to light/fading to some other colour and many other styles.

If you want to have  light, pastel hair, you should bleach your hair as much as possible. It’s not possible to have light pastel hair on light browns or dark blondes. Some colours (like gray) require platinum blonde or level 10-12 bleached hair :(

Just like toning add conditioner, just a little bit of shampoo (sometimes I don’t use it) and some hair dye, mix it carefully and apply to your hair.

Conditioner is love, conditioner is life <3 more means lighter, less means darker colour. Conditioner is your torchlight at a dark valley. Or maybe bleacher is, it’s hard to be sure..


pastel purple <3



If you want to give a fading to dark/fading to light effect, or switch between colours, you can apply colour in different times and have a fading area to have a better effect and hide mistakes.

For example, to have taro purple to dark purple mix, first I’ve made my mix, purple dye, just a little bit of pink dye, some conditioner. Applied it to the ends. Washed, drie. Then I’ve made the taro purple mix with less purple and more pink, lots of conditioner and little bit of shampoo and applied to all of my hair.

Some colours are more dominant and vibrant (like purple and blue), when you are mixing colours you should consider that, and mix/shake very very well before you apply.

Always rinse very well and use products to help your hair get back to the previous healthy state.

If you want to have more information, or questions, feel free to reach me via my facebook page.

Dyeing Hair Part I : Bleaching

Hello everyone. I’m going to go through with my hair adventure in this post series. I’m not saying that “this is the only way to to it” I’m not even saying that this is the best way to do it, it’s only my adventure, I’ve learned a lot, I hope it helps you as well.

When I’ve decided that I wanted lighter hair, my hair was dark brown. it’s the original color and I haven’t dyed it in a year that time. I also had a brazilian blowout with keratin threapy 7 months before that, so my hair was healty as hell. If your hair has gone through tons of stuff like bleaching, dying it tons of times or if you’re using flat irons all the time your hair might be in bad condition so I suggest you not to bleach it.

To give you some idea, my hair during 2014 (also, derp)

And ofcourse, normally you should leave it to the professionals, but if you’re broke as hell or don’t trust them like me, let’s get started.

So, you may ask, why blonde?? There are couple of reasons for that. First of all, I’ve used most of the other hair colours and most of them didn’t even suit me at all. Examples;

And I’ve always wanted to try blonde. I believe that every woman should try blonde once in their lifetime. And I felt like it was my time.

Since bleaching is a risky procedure and I didn’t want to end up with burnt skin or unhealty hair, I wanted to go lighter slowly.<


My set is ready

This was my set ! Two bleachers (one from koleston, one from palette) one platinum blonde and one light ash blonde hair dye.

First step, lighter ends!



It’s pretty much like ombre but I don’t suggest you to make your own ombre if you are alone since you’l probably mess up at the back of your hair. But if you’re planning to “just 1-2 tones lighter at ends” like me, go for it.

First of all, brush your hair and split it to 3-4 (or even more if you have too much hair) pieces, it will be easier to take care of it.

Take your bleacher and mix ingredients. If you add oil and just a little bit conditioner you might get our ot this procedure with less damage. When your mix is ready, put it over your hair ends with a brush and make sure that every hair piece gets it.  After that I usually cover these pieces with small plastic bags so it wont stain anything. You might use %70 of your mix, just leave some of it. After it waits 15-20 minutes on your hair, get rid of the bags, put the rest of the mix on your hair, only go higher this time (couple of cms, 1 inch maybe) let it wait for another 10-15 minutes and wash it. Make sure you use conditioner etc, and rinse it carefully. Your hair might look like this:



oh the terrible golden blonde

Lighter at the roots! Yay. But it looks terrible since bleaching process goes like black > brown> red > orange > blonde… and we’ll get to the “getting rid of brasiness” part later. Now it’s time to bleach/dye rest of the hair.

Since my hair colour is really really dark I didn’t want to use blonde hair dye directly and bleach the rest of it, just a few tones. Mixed my bleacher with tons of conditioner and damage was almost zero.


split split split!


Just a little bit lighter. Ends are too brassy to go out but that shouldn’t stop you!

Now it’s time to dye it! I wanted a dark ash blonde, but since my hair is still dark, I’ve used light as bonde and platinum hair dye ( platinum also has bleacher and bleacher up to two tones) mixed them and used. You can again put some conditioner but not too much. I’ve waited couple of days after bleaching to reduce the damage.


Waited long years before this girly pose

In the direct sunlight, it looks like copper but looked perfect in dark. I’ve started to use purple shampoo at this point, but I’ll tell you about more in the next part.



Doing girly stuff <3

After using this hair for some time, I’ve decided to go even lighter. As always, I’ve used regular bleacher with little bit conditioner (it was brassy as hell) when my darker roots showed up, I’ve used platinum dye, which got rid of brasiness little bit. My roots were ofcourse darker but looked better than original dark brown one.

IMG_20150829_193237 IMG_20150924_115125 IMG_20150919_171453

When I was trying to tone it,  I’ve accidentally dyed it to blue. Bleaching it again got rid of the colour again!
It will burn your skin, it will itch at best scenerio. It will damage your hair. But then again, it’s your only choice to have light hair.

Hair toning, pastel hair dying (mermaid hair etc) will be the next post’s topic.

Kirin’s out!


Winged Sneakers

I don’t usually write review posts but these shoes made me so happy and that I had to share it with you.

When the very first Jeremy scott/Adidas winged shoes came out, I went crazy because they were so pretty! *.* But I couldn’t even find one in my city and forgot about it in years.

When I was looking for Melissa/Vivienne winged shoes I remembered about them and saw the new versions. To be honest I really liked the new ones as well, but they’re teribbly expensive (we’re talking about $1500 here ) :< But you know, there is always a Chinese knock-off  (YAY CHINA!)


Original link does not work anymore but I’ve found them at Aliexpress, just searching for “winged shoe” they were $20.99 , including shipping.

First of all they’re really cheap. Considering a normal sneaker costs about $100, it was worth taking the risk.

And they’re actually really comfy. Most of the cheap shoes hurt your feet a lot but these guys were amazing, wore them couple of times, full day and it was cool.

They look good. They’re not same with original Jeremy Scott winged shoes, they’re completely white (or whatever colour you want) instead, and it looks better if you ask me.

There’s only one thing bad about them. Since they’re completely white they get dirty in no time. I’m assuming it’s pretty easy to clean them but still, you can’t wear them when it’s raining outside etc. but I guess if you have black ones, you won’t have that problem.

Overall, they’re pretty cheap and great shoes and I recommend them. They also look amazing with everything Here, couple of examples from my OOTD’s:

IMG_20150926_190823 IMG_20150815_185838 IMG_20150910_105047

Hope it helps! See ya all <3