Jewelry Review!

To be perfectly honest it’s hard to call these jewelry, they’re mostly accesories, in their own original ways ~ None of them were expensive but they look super cool imho.

Best B*tches Forever


It’s obviously for my best b*tch Tirrivirri ~ She has one half and I have the other. I hate BFF jewelry but this seemed sincere to me.

Time Turner

Hermione’s time turner necklce is used for cosplay most of the time but I think I can wear it casually too. Not, it’s not licensed, it’s another Chinese knock-off but it actually turns good and looks quite nice!



It would be sad i I didn’t have any Zelda accessories :( This one is quite heavy tho :/


Fake septum

Tirrivirri hated these but I think they’re cool in a unique way.

I used to have piercings but I’m not brave enough to make my septum pierced, so I use fake one, lol.

IMG_20160308_171240 IMG_20160313_134846


Heart Choker

Regular chokers (esp.  spiky ones) look too goth usually. so I’m super happy since these fellas got popular! Mine has a heart in front of it, and I’m planning to buy more ~

IMG_20160523_084909 IMG_20160528_082631

This is all I got for this time, more will follow soon!!

Hair Accessories Review

Hello everyone! I wanted to review couple of hair accessories I’ve ordered online in the last couple of months. Finding cute and different hair accessories is not easy for everyone and most of the time they’re extremely pricey in stores.

There are couple of classic, well-known and popular hair pins and some of them are quite unique!

This time I haven’t listed the stores and prices one by one, but I’ve bought them from either eBay or Aliexpress and they’re quite easy to find.

Let’s start!!

Skeleton hair clips
These are pretty much mainstream now, but they still look cute <3 I had a nice pair -before my lil sister stole them TvT – Then I’ve ordered tons of them.

They’re quite fragile (breaks easily), really cheap and does come in tons of different colours!

IMG_20151213_195612 IMG_20160525_084957

They’re also quite easy to attach and look good with wigs and real hair <3

Eyeball Hair pins

Another classic, but these pins look definitely creepier!

They’re not clips, instead they’re pins, so they’re a little bit harder to attach but if you hide the pin part with your hair they look amazing!!


Eyeball with bow hair clips

If  an eyeball is too creppy or disgusting for you, you can cutify it with a bow! Cause, you know. Bow clips are cool ~

Normally, I would never wear something with tiger pattern but it looks so weird with an eyeball I had to buy it!

It’s a little bit bigger than other hair pieces and a little bit heavy but it’s easy to attach.


Small Bow hair clips

So uhm.. These are actually made for dogs and I’ve realised that long after I’ve ordered them (and I didn’t even have a dog back then) There were like 80 pieces in the lot with so many different colours and patterns. They make me look like a 2nd grader but I still wear them.

bow1 bow2 bow3 bow4

Biscuit hair clips!

This is the cutest! I ran into this when I was browsing eBay randomly and fell in love with it ~ It looks really original and yummy :3

Cherry hair clips

This is not really original design but it somehow reminds me of my childhood. And it looks cute too~


Dog bone hair clips

After using skeleton hand clips for a while I wondered if were there any bone shaped hair accessories? Skulls are too mainstream but I’ve found these almost comical shaped dog bone hair clips! They were a pair but I broke the second one in no time :<

They come in various colors and I suggest the black one.


Lace cat ears hair band

I’m not sure if I can wear these outside in Istanbul, cause they’re almost screaming I’M HERE LOOK AT ME. They’re super cute and maybe a little bit sexy tho (depending on your clothes)


Shopping Hunt- Socking Madness II!


(God, that’s a terrible name)

I’ve ordered tons of cute socks, leggings and tights and can’t wait to share my views about it ~

I didn’t list them one by one, but all of them are ordered from eBay – Aliexpress

There are 12 different items I’ll review, let’s start!!

Over Knee White-Black Stripes Leggings

I thought they were leggings but they turned out to be regular over knee socks. It’s a classic tho.

It’s hard to wear them in summer, since it’s too damn hot but I’ve worn them couple of times in spring. They look really good with plain white/black clothes. And they’re quite comfy!

Giraffe Leggings!
I love giraffes! And I had to have them on mah legs – just like everywhere else!- It’s a simple design but looks so sweet.

Giraffes are victims of the height jokes all the time(just like me , but in reverse) and it was no exception but it looks pretty sweet!
Giraffe pattern is only at one leg and it looks pretty dark and clear even when the leggings are stretched.

Did you know that a newborn giraffe is taller than me? :<

Bumblebee Socks

“When I was a child my favouite outfit was my bumblebee tights”

If it werent for this amazing story I would never wear a thing with yellow and black stripes. But now I do now. And I do wear them proudly.

I wanted to order proper leggings but I couldn’t find them.Instead I bought over-knee socks but it does the job.
Call me “Jojo’s bizarre adventure”  now.

Two Hearts Leggings

This looks incredibly simple but I think it looks amazing! I wear it with dresses, skirts, shorts etc. ! Making them symmetric is hard sometimes tho.

I’ve worn them with various outfits and planning to do so every summer since they’re pretty thin~


GUNS Leggings

I love these unique leggings, I have two pairs of them. I can’t wear them every other day, because people stare, a lot :( And tons of people asked if they were tattoos when I was in US, one said it was a smart design, and I agree.

IMG_20160416_175051 IMG_20160527_112037
Princess Bubblegum Tights

Adventure Time Tights again! After my sister has taken all of my adventure time tights I had to buy new ones. First one was PB! Fabric is elastic and thin, it’s good for not-so-cold days but I don’t suggest you to wear it when it’s hot outside, since it’s syntetic. Also pattern is a little bit off, other than these it’s a nice one.

Lumpy Space Princess Tights

OMG I love these so much! It’s fabric is thicker than PB, pattern is perfect! Color is a little bit pinkish but I think I can live with this.

Black and Red Leggings

It’s sometimes hard to wear unique things in my country. But I loved these two-color leggings so much that I didn’t mind at all! These leggings fit perfectly to my other black and red/dark red clothes!  Long live black and red!
Blue and White Leggings

I loved these too! Blue is vibrant and looks really good with light colored clothes.

Fabric is thick, quite comfy and looked pretty good with my spring clothes~

Vertical Striped Black and White Tights

I’ve always wanted to have one of these ever since I saw Tirrivirri (my roomie) wore one! It’s quite comfy and looks really good with tunics, also with colorful clothes for an optical illusion!

I usually wear it with plain black t-shirts and tunics and white or black shoes.
Cross Tights

I can’t wear them in Turkey since It has cross pattern (I know it’s stupid but I really don’t want to risk it) yet I couldn’t hold myself and bought a pair. And obviously I wore them as soon as I’ve reached US ! They’re quite comfy, and looks really good on legs. Just like my striped tights, I wear them with black or white tops.

Eyeballs Tights

I can’t believe such thing exists! I had the same pattern on my wall for ages and it made me pretty happy when I found these tights! They look super-duper cute, yet creepy! I loved the pattern and colors pretty much, but the fabris is too shiny and thick, probably had too much polyester in them.

They look pretty good with black white and blue clothes and goth/metal combinations.

That’s all for now! But if I know myself I’ll be back within couple of months with more leggings/tights reviews.

Hope you enjoyed the review and liked the items!!

Shopping Hunt – Socking Madness!

Hola everyone.

I don’t usually review stuff, But this post(s) Have a nice story. Basically, it’s almost impossible to find cute/nice tights/pantyhose/socks in Turkey : there are only one or two big companies and their designs are.. well. kinda bad. When I decided to change my whole wardrobe ( literally and figuratively ) I realised that I don’t have enough leggings. After couple of trips to the malls, I had to admit that I won’t be able to find what I wanted in my country.

When I reviewed items, I didn’t care about how fast the shipping is, because when it’s late, it’s usually the local postage firm’s fault instead of seller and so.. Here we go!

” New Lady Women’s Girls Two Tone Thigh High Over The Knee Socks Pantyhose” by eBay seller “greatgreatgoods

Price: $2.21 including shipping fee



These were incredibly tight and actually hurts my legs when I wear them. Other than that, they’re really long, and they will look good if you are looking for that kind of look.

Hot 120D+30D Sexy Sheer Black Tights Over The Knee Medias Stockings Pantyhose by eBay seller “pengbon

Price: $3.00  including shipping fee



These looks great on legs, you might want to sew the ribbons again because they fall of pretty quickly. Other than that I can suggest it.



Hot Fashion Women Stretch Velvet Tights Socks Gradient Pantyhose Rose Red” by eBay seller “superstarsupplier

Price: $6.59 including shipping, auction


These are my absolute favourites! They’re a little bit pricey. It doesn’t fade from black to pink, it’s much more of a line but looks great with pink/black combinations. Also, they’re quite thick!


New Sexy Cute Women’s Bowknot Cross Bones Thigh Highs Stockings Bowknot Top UU1” by eBay seller “uoften-au

Price: $3.79 including shipping, auction



They’re not exactly my style but looks cute with short skirts!


Beauty printing tattoo ultra-thin transparent nude pantyhose filar socks” by eBay seller “4356125

Price: $1.76  including shipping, auction


This fairy actually looks like a faint tattoo on your leg! It’s ultra thin  and looks pretty good with skirts an shorts, etc.


Womens Girls Sexy Cotton High Socks Thigh High Hosiery Stockings Over The Knee” by eBay seller “ymvon

Price: $2.73  including shipping


these were so thick and tight that it actually shapes up your leg if you have couple of extra pounds! I’ve ordered a similar one after Cookie destroyed this one, and that one way quite thin.So, it might be risky. But I loved the pattern anyway!


a6   a2

Womens Fine Hot Skeleton Tattoo Socks Pantyhose Stockings Tights Hot SellingB84U” by eBay seller “phoenix1900

Price: $2.21 including shipping

1 (1)

UGHH! These were terrible. They’re small in size, short and extremely thin, bone prints sticks and it’s hard to wear and not comfy at all :(


2015 new hot Milk Galaxy Print leggings fitness leggins for women pants Muscle Skull wholesale New fashion” by Aliexpress seller ” suping fan’s store

Price: $4.50 including shipping


Comfy! colours are little bit off but it was a good choice for autumn days.


Summer Style Women Leggings Fitness 2015 New Arrival Sexy Adventure Time BMO Printed Leggings High Waist Slim Pants Plus Size” by Aliexpress seller “Cheap Fancy Shop

Price: $3.42 including shipping



Amazing :3 Colours and design were just right, looks pretty good on your legs ! amazing choice for long t-shirts ~


Resuli 1PC Women Jointed Doll BJD Pantyhose stockings Lolita Cosplay Joint Free Shipping&Wholesales” by Aliexpress seller “Resuli Store

Price: $3.74 including shipping


Wanna look like a ball jointed doll? Because that’s how you look like a ball jointed doll! Both print and material is amazing~


Makeup Package Review

Last month, Mai-chan took tons of orders for make-up stuff and accessories and they finally arrived!  These are not the brands I’m familiar with, I’m trying most of these for the first time.

They are less-expensive brands, and definitely not high quality, but I loved them anyway!


This package included powder brush, false eyelashes, lip scrub, cross necklace and a small gift!


I used to apply powder with a regular makeup puff before, This might be better for blending etc.





Klean Color Angelic Wink #015 and #502




I’m in love with these upper lashes ! They look bold but not so extreme. I’m really happy because I’ve ordered 4 pairs!

I couldn’t apply the under-lases but I’m sure I’ll love them as well ~



My lips are always covered with dead skin,  in winter, it’s dead because of cold, in summer I’m dehydrated and my lips go crazy :( I forget to moisturize it, a lot and it actually helps *.* I’ve chosen dark cherry one, it removes dead skin without pain, smells pretty nice and moisturizes my lips. YAY!



I’m not Christian but I wanted a cross necklace for a long time, I finally has one! Sadly, I couldn’t find the link for it :( It’s actually two necklaces in one, I’m planning to part it in two and have two necklaces, yay :3

That’s all for now. Tons of thanks to Mai-chan for ordering these goodies :3 I’m planning to write more reviews, any suggestions?



Winged Sneakers

I don’t usually write review posts but these shoes made me so happy and that I had to share it with you.

When the very first Jeremy scott/Adidas winged shoes came out, I went crazy because they were so pretty! *.* But I couldn’t even find one in my city and forgot about it in years.

When I was looking for Melissa/Vivienne winged shoes I remembered about them and saw the new versions. To be honest I really liked the new ones as well, but they’re teribbly expensive (we’re talking about $1500 here ) :< But you know, there is always a Chinese knock-off  (YAY CHINA!)


Original link does not work anymore but I’ve found them at Aliexpress, just searching for “winged shoe” they were $20.99 , including shipping.

First of all they’re really cheap. Considering a normal sneaker costs about $100, it was worth taking the risk.

And they’re actually really comfy. Most of the cheap shoes hurt your feet a lot but these guys were amazing, wore them couple of times, full day and it was cool.

They look good. They’re not same with original Jeremy Scott winged shoes, they’re completely white (or whatever colour you want) instead, and it looks better if you ask me.

There’s only one thing bad about them. Since they’re completely white they get dirty in no time. I’m assuming it’s pretty easy to clean them but still, you can’t wear them when it’s raining outside etc. but I guess if you have black ones, you won’t have that problem.

Overall, they’re pretty cheap and great shoes and I recommend them. They also look amazing with everything Here, couple of examples from my OOTD’s:

IMG_20150926_190823 IMG_20150815_185838 IMG_20150910_105047

Hope it helps! See ya all <3