Update About Travel Posts

When I opened a section about travels I was super excited and tried my best to write about my travels as much as possible. I still love travelling but I lost my enthusiasm about writing long posts in English.

I’m still (rarely) post about my travels in this FB page; Destan İyi Gezdin, sadly, they’re only in Turkish.

I might want to write travel posts again one day. Until then, bye

Guide to Pompeii, Sorrento and Firenze

This Guide is fro Pompeii, Sorrento and Florence of our Italy trip. We spent most of our time in Rome during our Italy trip, but still had a chance to see other cities!


At our fourth day of our Italy trip , we’ve decided to go and visit Pompeii. Pompeii is an ancient city, located near Napoli. After Mount Vesuvio goes boom boom city is destroyed and buried under ashes.

Going to Napoli from Rome takes about two hours with train. After that you take your train to the Pompeii. These trains are run buy another company (Circumvesuviana), you take your train to Sorrento and your stop is Pompei Scavi. I would like to remind you that train is very very old , but it doesn’t take long to reach Pompeii.

So, before I tell you about to Pompeii, I have to say this. really wasn’t satisfied with it. Even though we visited in April, it was quite hot (never ever visit it without hats or umbrellas) and without proper guidance you don’t understand much and hard to enjoy it without knowing much about the city. So, if you’re planning to visit Pompeii, Learn your shit and bring an umbrella.

So, I’m adding random photos because I still don’t know much about Pompeii.





no, not the babies :(


That reminds me of that I haven’t seen the Atlas statue.


I don’t know what it is but looked amazing. Yay, marble!


light sucks but that thing was suberb


infamous faun




Tirrivirri is the master of posing


I am not.

Seriously, I’m just adding random photos.


amphitheatre. we were almost dead when we reached here.




I seriously don’t know what it is but it looked really cool
We couldn’t even finish visiting the whole city. We were pretty tired and hungry. We could’ve went back to Napoli but decided to be adventurous and visit Sorrento!


Go reach Sorrento, you use the same train you took to come Pompeii. I can’t remember it clearly but I think it took about another 20 minutes.

Sorrento is a little lovely town with the great view. We weren’t expecting this much when we arrived. After a small walk from the train station, we’ve decided to eat at a restaurant.


This restaurant has the best tomato soup in the world, I guarantee it! Steak was mediocre but I still can’t forget that soup.


view is breathtaking.


Water looked super nice too but it was cold :(

After seeing this view, you know that you did the right thing! It’s amazing from the hill. If you want to go to the sea level, you can use the lift, or walk just like we did.

Anyways, when we reach the water, we had to put our foot in it. It was inevitable.

P_20150413_183629 P_20150413_183410 P_20150413_183536

And ofcourse gifs :3

Protip: if you are planning to visit these places, don’t forget to eat pizza at Napoli. We ate it somewhere close to the train station but it was still delicious.

Protip 2: If you have time, visit Capri island. There are ferries from Napoli and Sorrento and heard it was a great place. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time.


When I decided to visit Rome I was super excited about it, When we were chatting with my dad I was like “gonna see the renaissance stuff, woohooo” and he actually broke my heart by telling me that renaissance was actually born at Florence (Firenze in Italian) . So, when Tirrivirri added Firenze to our travel, it was amazing.

Travelling to Firenze by train from Rome takes about 4 hours, without the high-speed rail. But high speed is also high-expensive and we’re broke, so we took the regular train. Considering we were going to spend 8 hours at train, we didn’t have much time in Firenze (I WISH WE HAD) Tirrivirri insisted that I should see Uffizi and Accademia Gallery.



Tirrivirri visited Firenze before, so we splitted, while she was wandering at Boboli Gardens, I went to Uffizi. At first I’ve tried to take photos of every statue and painting, but then it hit me, it would take couple of days to finish the whole gallery. So, I’m sharing couple of things here, instead of spamming everything.


Hercules and Nessus


Laocoön and His Sons


This is where you learn fire bending


what are you doing to those babies mate??





This lady has a dick. wait, this guy has bewbs.


Even Madonna is tired “Madonna and the child” paintings, just sayin.


Holy Family by Michelangelo. I’m so happy that I saw it from so close!

I was goofin around in Uffizi, ofcourse respecting big masters but also having fun.

Then Boticelli hit my face.



I don’t know much about art. I really don’t. but even if you are as stupid as me, you can feel it. His style is simply amazing. Rooms were full of his works (there were about 30 of his paintings)


You can almost feel her sadness.



one fo my favourite paintings, Pallas and the Centaur



I’m going to be honest with you. This thing is amazing. This Venus can be the woman of your dreams. Boticelli simply steals your soul with this artwork.


Baptism of the Crist





I took a short break with the great view of Firenze. I wasn’t expecting to see so many things at the lower floor *heavy breathing*


Draw me like Titian.


Raphael’s Madonna of the Goldfinch


Raphael’s self portrait. Boy, do I want to marry this man..


Caravaggio’s Medusa


Portrait of Eleanor of Toledo

There were also a Bizarre paints exhibition with wonderful paintings but they didn’t let me take photos.


is it tho?

After Uffizi, I was flying over the clouds. I’ve ran into Tirrivirri outside and went to Accademia this time. After all the paintings and sculptures I’ve seen at Uffizi I wasn’t quite ready for David, not yet.

(sorry for photos, they look normal when you click on them)


I’m not allowed to touch busts but sculptures are? outrageous!!


Tirrivirri looks concerned


Pontormo’s Venus and Cupid


Unfinished statue by Michelangelo, usually called Slave or prisoner


Rape of the Sabines

Accademia is a lot smaller compared to the Uffizi. I kept dragging Tirrivirri around because I wasn’t really ready to see David.



But then I saw him.








I’m not going to lie. Trip to Florance changed my whole perspective about art. After this trip, I’ve visited many museums in France, Germany, Norway, Serbia etc. to see other masterpieces. It leaves you with an unexplainable feeling, sits in your stomach. You feel like you can’t appreciate this enough. :/



We had fun. This was the time that I realised I could LOVE art.

Quick Guide to Seoul


This is my quick guide to Seoul. It was my first trip to abroad, I was super excited about everything, and to be perfectly honest, I can’t remember everything and don’t have many photos but I’ll try to tell you about my experience in general.


First of all, must-see, must-do things, recommendations, etc.

  • Public Transportation: It’s super easy to travel in Seul, with subway. You have t buy t-money card and put credits in it, it’s available almost everywhere. Also, there is a transportation app which shows you the shortest way to your destination. Signs are both in English and Korean (or Chinese/japanese in some places, not quite sure) so it’s really, really easy to get lost, unless you’re a relative of Roronoa Zoro.



  • Food: How should I explain this.. Food was both positive and negative side for this country (for me) Korean BBQ is the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten (sorry mama) and it was quite cheap. But since I don’t eat pork, it was hard to find food for me, sometimes. But when I did, and when it was BBQ IT WAS HEAVEN. For pricing, let me tell you this. At our first night, we went our for dinner. As 5 hungry tourists, we digged BBQ, went full in no time without bread (with only meat) guys also drank Soju, beer etc. and check was about 100.000 won (about $100 ) I wasn’t quite satisfied with fast food restaurants (tacobell, mcdonalds etc) but traditional food was quite delicious.

DSC_1056 IMG_2530

  • Shopping : I haven’t been to many shopping trips before Seoul, so I can’t compare, but  think I can say that Seoul was amazing about shopping and satisfied me :3 City is amazing if you are looking of electronic gadgets, make-up supplies, contact lenses or clothes. If you are willing to buy cosplay supplies (fabrics etc) you will be pleased. I’ve also bought toys, anime figure, manga etc.

DSC_1006 DSC_1004

  • Culture: to be perfectly honest, I didn’t have enough time to fully understand Korean culture, but what I saw was amazing.


  • Esports and games: Korea is kinda the capital of eSports. I’ve been to Worlds finals in 2014 and it was amazing. Also visiting PC bangs (pc cafes) could be a different experience for you if you are not used to it. Also, cosplayers are amazing, you can see Spiral Cats Team and other amazing cosplayers at eSports events.

10690112_890193244358898_2161887146374793582_n 20141019_163211

  • Seoul is a big city, but don’t be afraid to get around. Even if you are lost or late, taking a taxi won’t cost you much, so, don’t worry.

So, there are also negative sides, unfortunately;


  • Food: Like I said before, finding halal food was kinda hard to find sometimes. There were food shops but going to the other side of the world and eating Turkish food didn’t seem fair to me :(


  • Language: If you know what you are doing you probably won’t have any problems. Koreans at shops etc. know a little English and it’s not that hard to talk if what you are asking for is simple. But if you don’t know where to go to find spesific items it can’t be hard if you don’t know their language. Since I’ve travelled with people who had spent so much time on Internet to visit right places, I didn’t have any trouble.

Pro tip 1: Don’t give tips. It’s offensive in Korean culture. Try to be nice.

Pro tip 2: Pocket wifi will save you. You can rent it at airport

Pro tip 3: Download Seould transportation app, it will help you  A LOT! Also get a T-money!

So, now tons of photos and places to see :3


So first day, we went to see the Ghibli exhibition. It was in a shopping mall (I-Park Mall ) And it was amazing. It was probably temporary but it’s still purrfect. If you can’t afford a visit to the Ghibli Museum in Japan, just hunt for this exhibition, maybe it will visit somewhere near to you.


20141017_153802 20141017_135323 20141017_133942  IMG_2437 IMG_2471

Also, Korean Folk Village (KFV) is one of the must-visit places. It has an amazing atmosphere ! You can also see traditional Korean stuff. If you have no time for museums (or you don’t feel like it) this can be your place! It’s quite refreshing.


DSC_1055 DSC_1017

Gangnam is kinda over rated if you ask me. But it’s fun to dance at Gangnam style platform, which had lights and a huge Gangnam style sign and it plays the song when you press the button. Don’t be ashamed, we know that you’ve listened to the song. It was the guilty pleasure of 2012 anyway :)I


Itaewon (was way much better. It’s where young poeple hang out. We went Itaewon twice, there are tons of places to eat, drink and go shopping!

Myeongdong is another place and it’s pretty good for shopping, I’ve got most of my make-up stuff from there.

Like I said before, it was my very first trip to abroad so I don’t have much photos, or notes from the trip. :( So I’ll be finishing this “guide” with photo dump. peace out!

DSC_1005 DSC_1003  DSC_0929 DSC_0940 DSC_0970 DSC_0988 DSC_0990





Belgrade Guide

We had a quick visit to Belgrade, Serbia last week with Tirrivirri (wooohooo!)

First of all, It was our first trip together since we got Cookie, and we left her at a pet hotel at Istanbul and she had great time.(If you’re looking for a pet hotel in Istanbul, poke me)


  • Plane tickets to Belgrade were super cheap from Turkey. I don’t know about the other countries, maybe it was cheap because it’s close, either way it was good.


  • It was also my very first hostel experience, Tirrivirri stayed at many different hostels while she was backpacking through Europe but I’ve always stayed at hotels and airbnb before. If you’re planning to visit Belgrade, Good Morning Hostel is strongly recommended, It’s a little bit far from the city center but it’s cheap, clean and comfy.
  • So, generally, Belgrade trip was quite good. Everything in this city is extremely cheap! So Belgrade is a good choice if you’re travelling in budget!
  • Our trip was only for three days and we thought it might not be enough but Belgrade is not a big city and 3 days of time is pretty good. I’m assuming you might want to spend more time if it’s summer.
  • As far as I could see, no one pays for public transportation in Belgrade. We didn’t want to get into trouble and asked for tickets to many places but we couldn’t find any.Jpeg
  • FOOD.IS.AMAZING!!! Of course everyone has different taste about local food. I coulnd’t taste some of the meals and drinks but things I’ve eaten were amazing. I gained couple of pounds, but totally worth it. For breakfast, I suggest  bakery’s (pekara in Serbian) our favourite was Toma.
  • Jpeg

Aaand Tirrivirri looks like a squirrel when she’s having breakfast.

  • Whole city felt like 90’s <3 And it’s definitely not a bad thing, it felt nostalgic actually :<


Serbia does not want Schengen or any other visa when you are visiting from Turkey. That’s probably the reason of the ridiculous amount of Turkish tourists :<


Belgrade has only one and small airport, named after Nikola Tesla. There aren’t many international flights from this airport so it’s very hard to get lost. You can take the busses 72 (to the city center) or A1 (express bus to little bit outside the city) and it takes about 30-40 minutes.

We had a quick tour at the city, and had our first meal, Goulash! Its actually a Hungarian meal, but eh, Balkans <3 we also had Shopska salad, it was the most delicious salad I’ve ever eaten <3


Also we’ve seen this at the diner. Yes, it was used to remove kebab..


Passed by Hotel Moscow…


Tirrivirri is judging Vegans.. I mean, yeah they don’t meat and everything but it’s not a reason to shoo them :<


After a quick stop at hostel we went out! We wanted to see Kalemegdan, walked through the old city via Knez Mihailova Street..


and reached Kalemegdan!


We also had the chance to see the Pobednik (The Victor) It’s one of the most popular scenes of Belgrade and it’s almost peaceful to see him watching Sava and Danube.


We’ve also visited Church of Saint Mark. I’ve visited many Catholic churches before but not many Orthodox  churches (outside my country, obviously) Their style is completely different with so much gold and everything..




And the last thing. We went to the Dali Exhibition! It wasn’t in our plans, we saw it when we were walking through the Knez Mihailova Street, and  decided to go in.


I’ve never seen proper Dali works before. I have to tell you, is inspired me a lot. We saw some ofhis works focusing on death, heaven, hell and inspired by (and focuses on) Dante.


I’m sure that this inspired an Angel at Evangelion..


That awkward moment when your lips look like artwork (?!?!)


Also Giraffe Venus. OMG, I can’t actually find words to tell you how much I was impressed by this. Venus de Milo is my favourite sculpture of all times, and I think I don’t even need to tell you that how much I love Giraffes. This sculpture is on my list right nao. Someday, I’ll save enough money and buy the original. (better start saving then…



our first stop was National Museum.. and we were sooo excited!!


….aaaaand it was closed, due to restoration.. Their collection is one of the best ones I’ve ever heard, they had pretty much everything I would like to see (as far as I know it will be opened 3 months after.. well.. I have to go back obviously)


After this huge disappointment, we went to Nikola Tesla museum. You should know that they have a pretty modest collection of his belongings, and it’s quite small.



But tour with guide (after the quick video) was pretty amazing, and we had  chance to some of his projects, working (not the real ones of course)




There weren’t many information about the whole Edison vs Tesla thing, but guestbook was full of comments like that. Mostly in Turkish..

– would it be racism if I was talking about my very own people??-

Anywaayyss..  Then went to Church of St. Sava. They started building it in 1935, more than 80 years ago and inside of it wasn’t even finished yet. But have to tell you , it’s huge!



Then we fooled around in the park little bit.




And ended our night in the Skadarlija with a good meal. (cevapcici with kajmak and shopska salad. YUMS)



Seen couple of things from the city on our way back to hostel.







For our last day, we’ve decided to leave the old city a little bit. In the morning, we went to Zemun area , to see the Gardos tower.


We got lost (a little bit).. then we found it.



You can visit the top with a small fee and view is amazing.



Tower itself is pretty good too. Obviously, we had a photoshoot.




After this amazing morning, we went back to old city, then went to Ada Ciganlija. I’m sure this place is amazing at Summer but it was pretty good at this weather too!








This gif be the best thing I’ve ever recorded.  Sunset at Kalemegdan was suggested many times (didn’t have chance to see it) but I was very pleased to see this particular one.



For our last night, we went to Gradska restaurant for an amazing dinner. They do know how to cook meat you should try it. Rakija (their famous the drink) on the other hand, gace Tirrivirri  a hard time,  you’re awared !



This was our whole Belgrade trip. We had really good time. I definitely suggest this city, I’m going back some day anyway :3

More photos from the city;












Quick Guide to London

It’s a very quick guide to London, because I didn’t want to make a huge post about it. So, here goes London! Summary; Our trip happened in late October and we’ve spent almost a week at London. I was qualifier for Eurocosplay, we attended MCM London Expo, then spent rest of the week with touristic activities. Must sees:

  • Convention (British people definitely know how to make it.  London MCM Expo is one of the biggest ones in Europe, definitely recommended)
  • Parks (Full of squirrels and birds! Go with some dried fruits and nuts and you can feed them with your own hands, they are friendly)
  • Quick tour of squares and palaces (You might not visit inside but you should see these from outside. I recommend Trafalgar square, Buckingham Palace, Victoria memorial, Big Ben, Palace of Westminster, London Eye etc.)
  • King’s Cross and WB Harry Potter Tour (I couldn’t visit the tour but I definitely recommend King’s Cross, you might have to wait a little bit to take a photo with 9 3/4 but it’s worth it)
  • Baker Street (Won’t even go into details.  You can easily  reach via tube)
  • Geek shops and book stores (If you don’t visit you will regret. Forbidden Planet is a must-visit place, So does Hamleys and Orcs Nest. There are other geek shops as well where you can find tons of comics, manga, figures and toys)
  • Shoppingseeing? (Everything is expensive, but that shouldn’t stop you from seeing shopping places. Oxford street and Soho are a must-visit, and if you want to shop badly, go and visit portobello, where you can buy second hand clothes and shoes cheaper.)
  • China Town (It’s near Soho and I loved it!)
  • Museums (I unfortunately realised I actually liked renaissance art, long after my visit but I still liked the museums I’ve seen.  Science Museum, Natural History Museum, British Museum, V&A museum and ofcourse, National Gallery)

Not- So-Good:

Food (It was heartbreakingly bad and  expensive. we ended up digging sandwiches since I didn’t want to eat Turkish food)

Cabs (Taxi? Where?? You can’t find a cab when you need, you actually have to call it.  And it’s terribly expensive. So, if you are lost at London when it’s late, you are doomed)


As far as I know, there are six big airports around the city, but Gatwick and Heathrow are most used ones I guess. City airport was recommended a lot but we had to use Luton (tickets were cheaper, hoorrraaay!) Duty free is extremely small,  but travelling to city wasn’t that hard, there are shuttles to the important parts of the inner city. FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY: IT’S CONVENTION TIME!! We went straight to the Royal Victoria Doc Area where we’ll be staying , just near the ExCeL London. Convention is one hell of an experience. It has more than 100k visitors, it’s easy to travel. Con area is huge with tons of booths. Friday and Saturday were pretty stressful because of Eurocosplay.


But after that we went crazy, Just like that;

DSC_1137 DSC_1141

Hello River Thames! Last day of conventions was blast, we had our signs, taken tons of people and bought goodies!!

DSC_1211 DSC_1216 DSC_1217

Morpheus talking to Morpheus.. An amazing Princess Mononoke cosplay crew.. Singing Batman and Robin? Yis! After the con we went to Stoke Newington, where we’ll be staying (thanks to airbnb <3) it was hard to find the place with our huge luggages, somehow made it. So finally we’ve started our touristic activities at Monday!



Excuse me when I’m enjoying my ice tea before the big day!


Buckingham Palace <3


Respecting Victoria Monument? NO!

After that we headed to the Trafalgar Square via St. James Park

DSC_1249 DSC_1250 DSC_1264

Squirrels, SQUIRRELS, BIRDS! Feeding them was great, you should bring snacks with you when you visit parks. DSC_1260

View is amazing!!


Oh, the time jokes!


This is where they said “I Will” and  “I Kate” , lel.

DSC_1312   London Eye? Dun care.


Merry go round? That’s more like it!

DSC_1355 DSC_1356

We ended our touristic visit with Trafalgar Square and National Gallery. We couldn’t stay at the Gallery for long since it was closing, later I’ve cried a lot because I couldn’t see The Virgin of the Rocks and Sunflowers. Square was amazing though, LIONS!! And unexplained huge blue cock ??!   Later we went to Oxford street at night, too bad that I don’t have any photos :(


I simply don’t remember when and where but we visited tons of museums. Then it’s time for Photo dump!

DSC_1428 DSC_1425 DSC_1421   DSC_1419 DSC_1399 DSC_1376

Science Museum, Natural History Museum, British Museum and  V&A museum . I might have forgotten some of them I guess. I got pretty angry when I saw the statues they have brought from Pantheon and put them under a sign saying they won’t be giving them back to Italy and left British museum :( DSC_1431

And finally, visited King’s Cross! It was pretty late so no one was around, I could play as much as I wanted. It’s at the middle of the train station. I heard that it was at the 9th platform before but because of the crowds they’ve changed it’s place. We’ve decided to take our train to the Stoke Newington from King’s Cross, after taking couple of photos, we bought our train tickets and went to 9th platform, couldn’t find our train, rushed to the 10th, couldn’t find it again. After going back and forward many times we’ve found it and took it at the last second. The moment I realised that we’ve run between 9th and 10th platforms and couldn’t find our platform was priceless! After all these years I still get excited about Harry potter <3



At tuesday we hanged around at Portobello Road. You can find very stylish second hand clothes for reasonable prices. They’re not super cheap but If you can buy Vivienne shoes for 40 pounds, that’s something! Also, bubble tea <3 After that I went straight to the Baker Street. BECAUSE I HAD TO!!


I feel like solving cases today my dear Watson!


And ofcourse, the fake 221b. Original building is part of a bank (or something like that) but they opened a museum at one of the neighbouring buildings. I didn’t visit the museum but heard it was nice. Then I went back to Oxford Street, in search of Vivienne Westwood shop.

20141030_164045 20141030_164122

AAAANNNDDD FOUND IT! I’m a big fan of her work ever since I’ve seen NANA in 2009, and I’ve always wanted to visit a store and buy some stuff. World’s End wasn’t open back then but I got to visit a store near Oxford. And it was amazing.


And of course I’ve tried heart jacket. It didn’t look that good on me. Even if it did, I don’t think I could buy it anyway. T__T too expensive.. I went crazy for rocking horse ballerinas and armor rings as well, but ended up buying a necklace <3 It’s so simple, yet pretty that I’m still scared of wearing it

. 20141030_173246

Also found this! WOOOT WOOOOOTTT


Then I went to Camden, World’s End (Not the shop, the pub this time) They’ve had it decorated since Halloween was soon and it was simply great!


First of all, I gotta admit that it didn’t reach my expectations. It was my first halloween abroad and I was expecting more I guess. Still, It was great to see all kinds of people hanging around with costumes!We hanged  around it Stoke Newington, Then went to Oxford Street. Then we ended up in Camden again! I had to make myself a costume during the day (since I didn’t want to wear same things I wore to the convention last week) I somehow gathered a young, Hogwarts student like Bellatrix. Got my wand from Hamleys <3

20141031_201225 DSC_1521DSC_1523 DSC_1522DSC_1517

It was like that. There are tons of places I wanted to visit so I’m going back someday, definitely. Ending this loooong post with the most stupid photo in existence, me trying to eat a mushroom-meat burger (yummm)



Guide to Oslo

For the new year’s eve, We’ve decided to visit North this time! Our destination was Oslo, capital of Norway! It was a 3,5 days trip so I don’t think we’ve covered everything in the City, but we still visited TONS of places.


Quick notes;

  • Oslo is cold. Like, really cold. If you’re from South, like me, even the 6-7 layers of clothing will not be enough to warm you. It’s not a instant cold, like “when you get out of the building and it hits your face” cold (I’m OK with that kind) more like, “you walk half an hour outside and you don’t feel your toes anymore” cold. And it takes time to warm up.


  • It’s REALLY expensive.  We bought our tickets really cheap and we didn’t know that Oslo was one of the most expensive cities in Europe (and most possibly in the World) It was my first time bringing food and drinks with me to holiday. 10 NOK (Norwegian Kron) is roughly equal to 3-4 Turkish Liras and 1 Euro. Some things have reasonable prices, but good food costs a lot :<


  • Holiday season might not be the best date to see Oslo, streets were isolated, most shops and  restaurants were closed at new years eve. Museums were closed as well. We had to visit so many museums in one day :(


  • Osloo Pass helps a lot. Public transportation and museum entry fees cost a lot when you buy separately. In 2015, 1 hour transportation ticket was 30 NOK (3 Euro), 24 hours ticket was 90 NOK. Most museum entry fees were between 50-100 NOK. We bought Oslo Pass for 24 hours (which covers all public transportation in Zone 1-2 of Oslo and many museums. also car parking, discounts at restaurants etc.) for 320 NOK and visited 6 museums, used tram, metro and bus many times. It can be hard to find Oslo Pass though,  and they’ve sold us 2015’s pass at the first day of 2016 and QR code didn’t work. Museums accepted us anyway.


  • In winter there isn’t enough daylight (when we visited sunrise was about 09:30 and sunset was at 3:30) so it might be better to visit at summer when they have extremely long days, also it’s wouldn’t be that cold, yay!


Here we go!

We arrived Oslo Airport afternoon. There are three options to the city centre, bus and  Flytoget (high speed) trains (costs around 175-180 NOK) and regular trains (90 NOK), We took regular train it it was quite comfy. It took us some time to find our hotel, then we went out to see the city. City center is actually quite small and once you see eveything it’s easy to find your direction. Karl Johan Gate is the main street of Oslo with tons of stores and restaurants, it’s a must-visit. (Also Outland is there, but we’ll get there..) Also Aker Brygge is amazing, even though most of the shops were closed when we were visiting, it was quite a sight.




Since museums were closed, we’ve decided to see public places at day 2 and 3 , started with Oslo City Hall and Nobel Peace center by the harbor. We didn’t enter the buildings. Following the sea side, we went to Akershus fortress.



23 22 21


After fortress, we’ve walked to the Opera building, I was little bit scared to go up because of ice but it was amazing!

27 2625

Then we went back to Karl Johan Gate, Seen the Oslo Cathedral. It was quite different from the churches I’ve seen before and I really loved the paintings at ceiling.

33 32 31 30

Following the street, we’ve seen parliament building, it’s just across the Royal palace.  After taking couple of photos we’ve walked to the Royal palace,  passing by the National theathre.

35 34 36

After warming up in our hotel room for a bit, we went out to grab a bite and tried Cathedral Cafe.  They were extremely busy and we had to wait about 1 hour and a half until our food arrived. I still feel weird and bad because I ate reindeer but it tasted pretty good, with berry sauce and gravy.

50 39

It was new year’s eve and we went out and walked to the Oslo City hall at night to see fireworks. It was the biggest crowd we’ve seen in Oslo. We didn’t actually had a countdown to the new year but it was amazing to see the fireworks, some of them were fired very close. We’ve watched them for 20 minutes but heard the sound of them for another couple of hours until we went to sleep.

51 38

This day, we went to Frogner Park/ Vigeland Park. We didn’t want to walk much but we kinda failed and ended up in Vestre Gravlund, biggest graveyard in Norway. Turkish cemeteries are depressing, but this one was well planned and actually looked peaceful, some place you want to be buried…

41 40

Walking through the graveyard, we reached to the Vigelandpark area, where Monolith and many other sculptures of Vigeland are located.

44 43 42

There is also a small lake, followed by the river and a waterfall! It’s really peaceful an great place to spend an afternoon.

Near the frozen lake, we even had a photoshoot!!



Since the museums were open on this day and it was our last one , we’ve made a huge list of museums, eliminated couple of them and decided to visit 7 of them. At the door of the Natural History museum, we decided to skip it and ended the day with 6 museums, good food and OUTLAND! (aw yeaaaahh)

1. Fram Museum

Fram museum tells the story of Norwegian polar exploration and Fram, huge ship they used is inside of the museum and you can see inside of it! There were tools they used at their journeys. You can take the bus 30 to the museum.

5 4 3 2 1

2.Vikingship Museum

There were 2 ships in good condition, some ofther ship pieces and many stuff from that time. To be honest, we expected more and little bit dissapointed but it was great to see these ships, especcially Oseberg. Again, you can take the bus 30 to this museum

7 6 8 9

3. Munch Museum


When we visited, Munch+Vigeland exhibition was displayed and we had a chance to see the beautiful art of both of these great artists, side by side. They lived in the same era and obviously inspired by each other. Since we couldn’t visit the Vigeland museum, this exhibition gave us some insight about Vigeland and his way of thinking. There was even a Thinker statue! Also, we got to see Munch Museum copy of Madonna and lithograph of Scream.

10 11 54

4. Film Museum

This little  museum is located at city center and  tells the story of cinema and Norwegian cinema, and it’s free!


5. National Gallery

I was looking forward to this one!  They had the copy of Scream I wanted to see, and Madonna from Munch. And many beautiful artworks from famous painters, such as Renoir, Monet, Manet, Cézanne, Delacroix, Degas and even Picasso!

60 58  56


6.Astrup Fearnley Museum

I don’t get modern art. I REALLY DON’T.  It was weird, creepy, unnecessary for me , but I liked a few of the “artwork”s, they were bizarre. There were a few “artworks” made from animal bodies, I’m not sharing those, you can see them at museum’s website.


64 15


63 62 6114



I’m going to be honest with you, I’m not a nerd store expert. But I’ve seen couple of game shops, figure stores, comic book stores, went to so many different conventions. I’ve been to Forbidden Planet, Orc’s Nest and Hamley’s in London, but Outland in Oslo is a complete different experience. Outland is a HUGE nerd store with all kinds of stuff. Even though they were expensive, THEY WERE AMAZING!!



More Sights from Oslo

47 4629

24 21



Another year is almost over ! To be honest, it was quite good year. So many things changed in my life, and many things made me happy even tho they stayed just the way they are. These were the major things of 2015 for me.

Coming back to cosplay


Last year , I’ve only made three costumes and haven’t visited many events. I felt like going back, like thousand times but I couldn’t do it back in 2014. But I was back in the game in 2015, made more than 20 costumes for different reasons/occasions/events etc. I’m trying to make at least one big costume every year, and my big costume was Zelda this year, It was challenging for many reasons, and I’ve already started working on next year’s big one <3

Mid Year Resolutions


I don’t know why people keep believing  in new year resolutions even though they don’t actually work to make them come true. Well, I wouldn’t do it too, just because the year is changing.. But I do believe in resolutions, at least now.

In mid-summer 2015 I felt like some things had to change in my life.And they did change after all.. I made myself a princess room, changed my hair, rewamped my wardrobe, started wearing make-up daily etc. In the end I felt a lot better <3

New Hair Colours


I used to dye my hair a lot back in days but I forgot how fun it is. many people ask me why I don’t go to the hair saloons, it’s mainly because hair dying is my zen time. But it’s hard to explain, instead I just say I’m broke.

I believe every woman  should be blonde once in their lifetime.  I was like “why not now??” it was a slow progress since I didn’t want to damage my hair much but in the end I had lovely blonde hair. I also had a chance to try new hair colours like purple, taro purple and pink, which I’ve never tried before.

New countries


I’ve started visiting places abroad last year with trips to Seoul and London. This year I got into the “what the hell, I’ll visit as a tourist” mood.

Had a chance to visit Italy with Tırrıvırrı in April. It was an amazing trip over all, since I’ve realised that I actually admire art very,very much.

Went to Northern Cyrpus for summer holiday and end up with amazing cosplay photos – Thanks to Emaic- and it was quite relaxing.

In late October, early November we’ve visited Paris and Berlin with Leda, it was a busy trip, we’ve visited so many places in both cities and had chance to see WORLDS 2015 finals.

I’ll be visiting Oslo, Norway in couple of days and greet the new yeart there!  So, as the end of 2015, my country count will be 7!

Got a dog



This might be the most amazing thing ever happened this year. Not gonna lie, sometimes it’s really really hard. But most of the time, we know that we have the best companion <3 AAARRRGGGHHHH COOKIE!


Started streaming


I had it in my mind for a long time but my internet connection didn’t let me do it :(


As the years passed I’ve realised that I’m becoming more and more introvert and shy. When someone says hi at a convention, I’m trying my best to keep up with conversation, but I get anxious and I heard that people think that I’m arrogant because of this. :(  Even tho “what others think doesn’t matter” is a thing, I don’t want people to prejudice and hate me for something this stupid.. So, I’ve decided that I’ll do my best to more social.

I get even more anxious with technology. Writing is totally fine, but even skyping with camera kills me. So, I’ve challenged myself and started streaming. Hope it will help me with these issues in time.

Got a smart phone


I’ve resisted so long, but it was futile. I had  my very first real smart phone at April and it got stolen in October. Dammit, they don’t last long!

There are many other things happened this year, but these are the ones I could remember. I hope you had an amazing year as well <3

Quick Guide to Berlin

Hallo everyone!

This is a quick guide to Berlin, we’ve visited Berlin at late October, after our Paris trip with leda. We were extremely tired and we didn’t have much time. So it was a short trip and definitely does not cover all of the places you need to see at Berlin. We didn’t visit concentration camps, Berlin Museum Island and other museums (I’m still crying over Gemäldegalerie!! )

Quick notes;

  • We’ve arrived to the Tegel airport at morning. Tegel is relatively close to the city center. There are different ways to reach the city center, we used a cab and it wasn’t that expensive.
  • Also, we’ve stayed at Monbijou hotel at Mitte. It is usually quite expensive for a low-budget trip but Leda found  a great deal at Hotel is definitely recommended, it’s pretty close to the Alexanderplatz and museum island, both location and service was quite nice.
  • Even though the public transportation seemed good we’ve spent 1 hour looking for trains, another 2 looking for busses and get a cab and onether 1 walking to our destination at a cold German Night. Since every sing and explanation is in Deutsch you might have hard time using public transportation or finding a cab. “not be able to find a cab” thing another day as well, so taxi is no-no.
  • Berlin is a weird place. At sunday, we’ve found a mall,  it was open but the stores, toilets and ATMs were closed inside. BUT WHY??
  • You should definitely visit flea markets, they’re quite popular in Germany and you can find unique, vintage and cheap stuff. leda bought a camera which was made in 1925 o__o (and it works)DSC01122
    Most of the comments about Monbijou Hotel were like “rooms were too small” etc, I don’t think so. And yes, we’re not tidy at all!

Berlin Parliament Building (Reichstag Building)

This building is right next to the Tiergarten,builded in 1800s, it has a beautiful glass dome but we didn’t visit.

TierGarten, and Memorial to the Sinti and Roma Victims of National Socialism

Tiergarten is a hugeass park at city center and it would be great choice to chill . Berlin Zoo is inside this park as well. Victory Column stands in center.  Walking through whole thing requires lots of time, we hanged out at near, next to Parliament Building and Brandenburg Gate. Relatively new Memorial is located next to these places, it’s small but it has impact.

Polaroid CUBE



The Brandenburg Gate

This triumphal Arc was build in 1700’s and used to be the city gate. Today, it’s considered as a symbol of European unity and peace.

East-Side Gallery
East side gallery is a memorial for freedom. It’s actually remains of the Berlin Wall, now covered in beautiful artworks and some of them are ruined by graffitis. Gallery contains more than 100 paintings by different artists and located at Kreuzberg.

We were planning to visit it at daylight but it was so close to the Mercedes-Benz Arena where the WORLDS finals were hels, so we had a chance to see after the event. Sadly, we haven’t seen all of it.

DSC01101 DSC01105

DSC01110 DSC01119

Check Point Charlie
This is one of the best known Berlin Wall crossing -points during cold war. Today, you can see the replicas of the famous signs, have photos and buy a replica passport and get it stamped. I felt like it was a tourist-trap but it was nice to see it.
DSC01125 DSC01131 DSC01126

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

This memorial was built just 10 years ago. I heard that artist wanted it to be confusing and uneasy and it definitely feels that way. It’s next to the Tiergarten and Brandenburg.

Polaroid CUBE

Polaroid CUBE



This site is amazing for shopping! THEY EVEN HAD PRIMARK! <3 Famous TV Tower is located here as well. Our hotel was pretty close to Alexanderplatz and it was nice to hang around.
DSC01076 DSC01079

E-Sports Events!
Our main reason to visit Berlin was WORLDS 2015 finals. It was an amazing event. EU LCS matches are held at Berlin as well, if you are into e-sports Berlin is a good choice.
DSC01082 DSC01092 

Polaroid CUBE

More Sights from Berlin



Polaroid CUBE

Polaroid CUBE

Polaroid CUBE

Polaroid CUBE

Polaroid CUBE

That’s all from Berlin. there are tons of others things to do  we couldn’t think of when we were there, so I might have to visit again 😀

Guide to Paris

Hello everyone.

This is my guide to Paris. in Late October, we had amazing four days at Paris with Leda. This guide does not cover all of the places you should see in Paris. Since it was a short trip and we got pretty tired we had to skip some important places like Moulin Rouge. Therefore it’s not one of my ultimate guides, just a regular one.


Since I got my phone stolen at Paris subway, I’ve lost most of my photos.I’ve stolen some from Leda and my action cam, so, fish-eye photos incoming!!

Let’s get started!

Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame Cathedral is placed at Cite Island and one of the most amazing sights in Paris. They’re still using it as a church, so go and spend some time, if you are lucky you can see the mass. Listen the bells and live the amazing atmosphere.





Luxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg gardens are located at south of Notre Dame Cathedral, you can reach it by 15 minutes of walking. I’s a peaceful place and a good opportunity to spend couple of hours and resting. Also, looks amazing at autumn!

DSC01024 DSC01025


DSC01023  DSC00816

DSC00811 DSC01019

We didn’t actually visited Pantheon but we passed by this amazing places. It contains many graves of the very important people such as Voltaire, Rousseau, Victor Hugo, Émile Zola , Marie Curie and many others. Visiting fee is €7.50.


Place de la Concorde

This square is placed by the Saine River and largest square in Paris. During the French Revolution, many important people are executed here, including Marie Antoinette. Don’t forget to see Obelisk and fountain.

Also, we had a photoshoot there, because I kinda had to.

Champs Elysees
Famous shopping street of Paris is a must-see places in Paris if you want to spend money. Paris is a great city to go luxury shopping and Champs Elysees is one of the best examples of this shopping madness.


DSC01011 DSC01014

Arc de Triompe

You can find the arc the triompe at the western end  of the Champs Elysees, which is really hard to miss considering it’s 50 meters tall! It’s made to honor the people who have fought for France. You can also go up to see Paris from above but I don’t know the prices.


DSC00999 DSC01002

Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower is 324 meters tall and finished in 1889. I heard that French people don’t like it that much, but it still is an amazing view and one of the most popular buildings of all times. At night they use additional lights and it’s amazing to watch at at the huge park nearby. You can also clim up to the top to see the Paris from above, it has three levels open to the tourists and you can buy the tickets under the tower.

DSC00853 IMG_2690

Les Invalides

Les Invalides is a complex of buildings and museums, mostly about French military. If you are interested in military or you want to see the Napoleon’s tomb, it’s recommended. We didn’t go inside but had a chance to see the beautiful dome when we were visiting Rodin Museum.

Louvre Museum

This is the ultimate art p0rn. I’ve been to many museums but never impressed this much. Since we didn’t have enough time, we had a quick tour to see our favourites but Louvre itself actually requires couple of days to conquer. I’m an (mostly Italian) Renaissance fan and I got to see many works from Raphael, da Vinci and Michelangelo in Louvre. I also had a chance to see Venus de Milo, the most beautiful woman on earth. Leda loves Impressionism, so I had a chance to see beautiful paintings of Delacroix , Monet, Renoir, Degas, Manet, Cezanne, Van Gogh and many others. Louvre Museum is the must-see place in Paris and I recommend you to spend time, as much as you can.


me and most beautiful woman on Earth.

Polaroid CUBE

Dick Lady of Paris (you can see the other one in my Italy Guide

Polaroid CUBE

Rebellious Slave and Dying Slave by Michelangelo

Polaroid CUBE

Liberty Leading the People by Delacroix. I’m sure you know this one.


Polaroid CUBE

People kept telling me “it’s so small” all these years, it wasn’t “that” small after all. Mona Lisa!

Polaroid CUBE

Self portrait with a friend by Raphael. I’m a huge Raphael fan and wanted to see this painting for a long time. We actually imitated this pose but it’s long gone with my phone :(


Polaroid CUBE

other works by Raphael

Polaroid CUBE

Virgin of the Rocks by da Vinci. Waited YEARS to see this.

Polaroid CUBE


Polaroid CUBE


Polaroid CUBE

amazong room with tons of amazing and huge paintings, it was netherlands if I remember right.

Polaroid CUBE


There are many more amazing artworks and sculptures at Louvre, it’s definitely must-see.

d’orsay Museum
Louvre kinda overshadows this museum but it’s still amazing! They have the original “Gates of Hell” by Rodin, tons of Van Gogh paintings and many artworks by Impressionists.

But I have to complain. after spending hours and looking we couldn’t find Starry Night Over the Rhone by Van Gogh anywhere. :(

Polaroid CUBE

One of the most famous self portraits of the Artist and thought to be the last one he painted.

Polaroid CUBE

The Gates of Hell

Rehearsal on Stage

Rehearsal on Stage

Polaroid CUBE

enormous clock from inside

Rodin Museum
We didn’t have a chance to see the Museum at it’s true beauty because of renovations, but we saw most of Rodin’s and his students works at exhibition. Most beautiful part was garden, it’s one of the best gardens I’ve seen in my life, it features many bronze casts, inspired from Rodin’s works. We couldn’t see the Kiss, again because of renovation.. but things happen :<

Polaroid CUBE

Polaroid CUBE

Polaroid CUBE

Polaroid CUBE

Polaroid CUBE




Sacre Coeur
Sacre Coeur Basilica was build in late 1800’s and early 1900’s. It’s located at the north of the city on top of Montmartre. It’s a beautiful Basilica and Montmartre has an amazing view of Paris. You can use Funicular to the top. If you are a fan of Amelie, you can try to find filming locations around Montmartre and go see Moulin Rouge while you are there.

Polaroid CUBE

Polaroid CUBE


DSC00973 DSC00977

Bonus: Le Fabuleux Destin d’Destin Poulain  (The Fabulous Destiny of Destan Poulain)



Alright, this is where the magic happens.

I haven’t been a big fan of Disney for the past 15 years (excluding Pixar ofcourse) and when everyone insisted that the Disneyland is magical, I was like “meh”. Well, everything changed when I visited Disneyland Paris. I was expecting princesses and shit, all over the place. It wasn’t quite like that. Yes princesses and mickey were everywhere but it didn’t disgust me that much. There are huge waiting lines for each ride but it’s not that boring, because of the decorations, you get into mood and get excited. Yes, it was one of the best days of my life and I definitely recommend Disneyland. I might even end up as a Disneyfag after all those years.

Also, if you think you can spend enough time at both, try to visit both parks because they have amazing rides :3

Before watching the whole ending ceremony (mapping on castle) we tried these rides;
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril             (which has a sharp 360 turn, I thought I broke my neck for a second)
Le Passage Enchanté d’Aladdin                  (which is for kids but they had amazing animatronics)
Pirates of the Caribbean                      (get on the boat to the see the Caribbeans! They still haven’t put the characters from the movies but atmosphere was amazing!)
Big Thunder Mountain                           (one of the most popular rides and our first ride that day. We actually run to the attraction but still had to wait about 40 minutes)
Phantom Manor                                 (you get into the mood even before you take the ride. Animatronics and the whole technology is amazing)
The Dragon’s Lair                                   (which has the best animatronic imo, you can find it just near the castle)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs                          (was for the kids but we got bored and tried)
Star Tours                                             ( is actually a basic ride but you get into the mood while waiting and seeing the character you know from the series.)
The Mysteries of the Nautilus                  (which was kinda lame if you ask me)
Space Mountain                                  (SPACE MOUNTAIIIINNNN!!! it was one of the best rides in the park, we actually took this one twice)
Walt Disney Studios;
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror                    (you fall from 42 m, most of the time you see the view of park. I happened to close my eyes almost the whole time :/ )
Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith                  ( we decided to give it a try and it was my fav. ride of the park with 360 turns, signed instruments in the waiting room and everything. definitely recommended)

DSC00930 DSC00945

DSC00951 DSC00952

IMG_2745 IMG_2750

IMG_2755 IMG_2756
IMG_2743 IMG_2737

IMG_2725 IMG_2711
IMG_2708 IMG_2707

IMG_2705 IMG_2704

That’s all from Paris. Ofcourse there are more places to see at this beautiful city, I hope I can visit Paris one more time and discover more <3

Japanese Garden in Istanbul

Instead of people who hit the beach when they have holiday, we pack our cameras and go someweher new. So when we had couple of days free at last summer we kinda run to the Japanese garden in Istanbul.

Garden is located at Baltalimanı, Sarıyer and it’s far away from the city, we had to take couple of busses and minibusses to reach the place, it takes about half an hour from Beşiktaş, but there’s always traffic at that road and so..


Anyways, Japanese garden is actually pretty small and wasn’t really clean when we visited. But we still have taken wonderful photos!

And ofcourse I’ve brought kimonos, kimono-like costumes, wigs and accessories with me. I HAD TO!!

Leda looks amazing with pink hair. She dyed hair her to pink short after that day.


Emaic and Leda checking the pictures he just took.

And more Leda, because, why the hell not? She’s supersweet also can pose like a model in a second.

How to be a Ghibli character in seconds, pastel hair, kimono, hat, some ribbons and shit, sit by something natural and japanese-looking, VOILA! you are ghibli now.

japon2 japon3


Anyways, it’s a good place to spend couple of hours or have a photoshoot but don’t expect much. There was a newly wed couple, having their photoshoot with their gown and tuxedo, so I’m assuming that you don’t have to pay for having a photoshoot (most of the big parks ask for money when you’re having a professional photoshoot)

And ofcourse, we’ve finished our day at Bunka, Japanese restaurant in Taksim. Because why not?